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Cover ImageThis is one of those super-popular books that I’m not even going to try to review. But I do have some thoughts on it. There’s going to be some spoilers so if you haven’t read this yet, I probably wouldn’t read farther.



First off, I was thisclose to putting this book down. The first couple chapters were confusing and by the time they were unconfusing, the book dragged. It wasn’t until atleast 150 pages into the book that it started picking up. Most likely, if I hadn’t been such a fan of Stephenie and read a couple awesome reviews, I would’ve stopped at about page 50. But I didn’t. I kept going. And boy, I’m glad I did.  After it got past the boring parts, this book was AMAZING. I loved how Jared acted toward Melanie (I’m gonna say Melanie because even though it was technically Wanderer at that time, it was still Melanie) because it made so much sense that he’d hate her so much for taking his girlfriend. And Jamie… That boy stole my heart. And he’s about my age. Do ya think Stephenie will make him real for me? He was so sweet and I felt TERRIBLE for him. Absolutely terrible. Imagine what it’d be like to lose your sister that had raised you and then to have someone in her body, whom you’re supposed to HATE  come back. 

All of the other characters were so real too. Ian and Kyle and Jeb and Doc and all those other guys.  And Melanie/Wanda were awesome. I loved how they were always going back and forth in their head. It was just so..cool. The way it was written was great too. I could seriously feel their pain over Jared and Jamie and I got how Wanda was torn between Jared and Ian. It was all so..wow. The only thing is, I KNEW she was gonna end up coming back. I could tell that even before the plan was fully developed that Melanie and Ian weren’t going to let her just disappear. But whatever. It was still AWESOME.

Is that a long of enough rant for all you guys? Like I said, after I got past the boring parts, I freaking LOVED this book. And it deserves to be discussed. So what did you guys think of it?


Last night, I was watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants for the first time and I started comparing it to the book. Then I remember this one moment in the book that I read over and over. That got me thinking, what makes those moments in books? You know, those ones that almost reduce you to tears, the ones that make your stomach ache. I’ve read hundred of books and there’s very few I can remember having moments like that. For me, they’re usually the moments where the guys are speaking their mind, sometimes telling the girl how they feel, and they usually involve characters crying. I’m also a huge sucker for amazing brother-like characters so there’s also certain times when it’s the brother/sister relationship that gets me.

 Anyway, the moments I remember most are: In Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants when Eric talks to Bridget and tells her that when she’s twenty and has a million guys chasing after her, he’ll be one of them; in the fourth book of the Immortals quarter,  The Realms of the Gods as Daine falls and Numair shows her how he found her and they start arguing about “canoodling”; in Heart of Fire when Maddie realizes who Jonathan is. Actually, pretty much all of the moments between Maddie and Jonathan. There’s a whole bunch of moments in Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse that make me go crazy, whether they’re Bella/Edward or Bella/Jacob. In Harry Potter, all of the heartfelt scenes between Sirius and Harry, and sometimes Remus/Tonks too.

So that’s my list. What about you? What makes those moments for you?

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