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CoverIn the third book of the Uglies series Tally is finally a Special. A fighting machine. She and her best friend, Shay, are still with the group they formed as Pretties – the Cutters. Dr. Cable has given the Cutters permission to capture The New Smoke in anyway they want. Yet even though she wants to destroy it, Tally still has memories of The Smoke and the time she spent there. Does she really want to wipe it all out?I enjoyed this book, though not as much as the first two. It was action-packed with twists and turns but it was missing something. A certain character’s death didn’t seem that real to me and the characters seemed to have changed more than they should have. David, for example, was a great guy. Sure, Tally wasn’t that fond of him at the end of Pretties when she was with Zane but suddenly, he had seduced her? It could be my memory but I’m pretty sure it was nothing like that and the Tally I loved in the first two books never would have thought that. I realize that she changed but that part, along with others, didn’t seem right to me. I also wasn’t too fond of the ending but that’s something I can get over.

Besides those parts, I loved that book. It was great to hear more about Tally, Shay, David, and the rest of the characters.


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