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Better Latte Than NeverPeggy Fleming spends her time working at a coffee shop inside of a gas station. If that’s not horrible enough, most of the money she makes goes directly to her parents to help pay for the damages she caused with her car. When she’s not working, Fleming is stuck at taking a French that she thought the boy she liked who was sorta but not really her boyfriend would be taking. When she finds out that not only is he not taking the class, he’s also dating a waitress at the place her works, Fleming and her newly-found best friend begin plotting ways to make him jealous and get him back.

Better Latte Than Never is another hilarious novel by Catherine Clark. I found Fleming very easy to relate to, especially with the boy and family troubles she was experiencing. Every character, even the minor ones, was well-developed and creative. I really enjoyed this and would reccommend it to anyone as a fun and fast read.

*This was previous published as FROZEN RODEO*


Wish You Were HereWhen Ariel gets stuck going on a road trip with her mom and little sister, she’s not the happiest person in the world. She’s much rather be at home with her sort-of new boyfriend and her cat. But the roadtrip ends up not being a roadtrip, but a cross-country trip on a Leisure Lee bus with her mom, sister, grandparents and uncle. Oh, and about fifty other old people. The only other teen on the bus is Andre, the boy who’s always underlining words. Ariel’s summer becomes slightly better as the trip continues, but when her father, who recently left the family, shows up, she’s not quite sure to do. And what about Dylan, who barely returns her emails and keeps hinting that it’s okay for her to date someone else?

Wish You Were Here was a funny and original story about love, friendship, and what happens when you get stuck on a Leisure Lee bus. Each of the characters had their own realistic quirks – Andre highlighting words all the time and Ariel sending postcards to everyone. I was seriously laughing out loud as I read this, especially at the things Andre’s mom did. The whole plot was one I haven’t read about a lot and Catherine Clark writes with such a unique style that even if it was the most over-told story, she could have made it amazing. I really suggest reading Wish You Were Here because it’s that great and I can guarantee you’ll love the characters.

Catherine Clark is a pretty amazing author, who wrote one of my favorite books, and she’s AUTHOR OF THE MONTH! So we should all have a party. Or…. You can stay tuned, read my review of her book, read an interview, and possibly win some books!

Catherine Clark, as I said, is an amazing author. Her latest novel, Wish You Were Here was recently published and I’m in love with it. She  wrote Maine Squeeze, The Alison Rules, Icing on the Cake and So Inn Love and has a few more books, Banana Splitsville, Rocky Road Trip, and Better Latte Than Never coming out later this year.

 So, welcome to my blog and thanks for being author of the month, Catherine!

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