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You’ve probably seen numerous reviews of Frenemies and possibly even some contests to win a copy of it, but now it’s my turn to offer up a copy. 



To Win A Signed Copy of Frenemies, all you have to do is:

1.)Leave a comment telling us about your best friend. Tell us who they are (you can use a nickname if you want), when and how you met, why you call them your best friend, and what you do to keep your friendship strong.

2.) Include in your comment a way to contact you in case you win, preferably an email address.

3.) On May 31st, I will use a random number generator to pick a winner. I will contact you via email, as well as by posting it on my blog. You will have 72 hours to contact me with your address. If you don’t, I will choose another winner. So be watching!

Good Luck!


FrenemiesAvalon Greene and Halley Brandon have been best friends forever. After a summer apart, they’re  back together and ready to start eighth grade. They begin the year by co-writing their school’s fashion blog and planning a celebration of their friendship, which is sure to be the biggest party of the year. But a summer apart has changed them more than they expected and when they begin to disagree about everything, they learn what it’s like to fight against the person who knows you best.


Frenemies is a fun, refreshing book that reminded of why I love my friends. While  both Avalon and Halley are richer, sassier, and much more fashion-obsessed than me, I could relate to their friendship. Each of the characters, from sassy Avalon to rocker-girl Sofee, is well-developed and unique. So while all of the fashion and rich girl party references were wasted on me, I really enjoyed Frenemies and I will be eagerly awaiting the next books in the series.


If you have any questions you’d like Alexa to answer, please leave them in a comment or email me at harmonybookreviews@yahoo.com by May 19th.

First off, I want to thank the marvelous Catherine Clark for being our April author of the month. Don’t forget to enter the contest to win either a signed copy of Better Latte Than Never or a signed copy of Wish You Were Here.  And if you don’t happen to win, make sure you pick up one of her books the next time you’re at a bookstore.

Now, I’d like to announce that the May AOM is…… ALEXA YOUNG!


That’s right, the one and only author of Frenemies will be stopping by all month! We’ve got so much lined up this month, including a contest and an author interview where YOU get to choose the questions she answers. So if you have any questions you want Alexa to answer, either email me or leave them in a comment!

Wish You Were HereWhen Ariel gets stuck going on a road trip with her mom and little sister, she’s not the happiest person in the world. She’s much rather be at home with her sort-of new boyfriend and her cat. But the roadtrip ends up not being a roadtrip, but a cross-country trip on a Leisure Lee bus with her mom, sister, grandparents and uncle. Oh, and about fifty other old people. The only other teen on the bus is Andre, the boy who’s always underlining words. Ariel’s summer becomes slightly better as the trip continues, but when her father, who recently left the family, shows up, she’s not quite sure to do. And what about Dylan, who barely returns her emails and keeps hinting that it’s okay for her to date someone else?

Wish You Were Here was a funny and original story about love, friendship, and what happens when you get stuck on a Leisure Lee bus. Each of the characters had their own realistic quirks – Andre highlighting words all the time and Ariel sending postcards to everyone. I was seriously laughing out loud as I read this, especially at the things Andre’s mom did. The whole plot was one I haven’t read about a lot and Catherine Clark writes with such a unique style that even if it was the most over-told story, she could have made it amazing. I really suggest reading Wish You Were Here because it’s that great and I can guarantee you’ll love the characters.

Catherine Clark is a pretty amazing author, who wrote one of my favorite books, and she’s AUTHOR OF THE MONTH! So we should all have a party. Or…. You can stay tuned, read my review of her book, read an interview, and possibly win some books!

Catherine Clark, as I said, is an amazing author. Her latest novel, Wish You Were Here was recently published and I’m in love with it. She  wrote Maine Squeeze, The Alison Rules, Icing on the Cake and So Inn Love and has a few more books, Banana Splitsville, Rocky Road Trip, and Better Latte Than Never coming out later this year.

 So, welcome to my blog and thanks for being author of the month, Catherine!

I’m happy to say that I have even more questions with answers from the fantastic D. Anne Love. I know one interview usually does it but since she’s the Author of the Month and due to certain reasons, I was unable to ask questions about her latest novel, Defying the Diva, in the previous interview, I’m adding some more. So I hope you all enjoy!

What inspired you to write Defying the Diva?
I mentor a couple of teen writing groups. After Semiprecious was
published, and Picture Perfect was in production, I was looking for a
subject for a new book. A couple of my teen writers suggested writing
about school bullies, because as one of them said, “It’s a huge problem.” When my research revealed that as many as 6 million teens are involved in episodes of bullying each year, and that as many as 100,000 skip school every day to avoid being harassed, physically harmed, or worse, I knew I had to write about it.  Haley faces some serious verbal bullying from Camilla. Did you have  anything similar happen to you during High School? Because I was a southern girl living in the northeast during my last three years of high school, I  took a lot of taunting  and insults from the other kids about my accent, my clothes, and my home state.  It  didnt’ rise to the level of what Camilla did to Haley, but it made my life pretty miserable. As I was writing DIVA, I definitely remembered the feelings of hurt and isolation stemming from that situation.
Defying the Diva has a cast full of unique and realistic characters. (Harrison was my favorite.) Which character was the hardest to write?Which one was easiest?
Thanks. I love Harrison, too. As I was writing him, I so wished I’d had a boyfriend like him in high school. He is totally comfortable in his own skin. Wise beyond his years. I miss him. Evan was a hard character to write, because I had to show him as desirable and at the same time, careless with Haley’s emotions. Evan is the quintessential boy who’s
bad for you and at the same time, hard to resist.. It was a balancing act. Camilla was among the easiest to write, because I’d spent a long time thinking about her, reading up on the psychology of bullies in general, and figuring out her backstory before I began the actual writing. Frankie was loosely based on one of my best friends  from college, so she came to life easily, too. I loved writing the interplay between Frankie and Nora. The scene where they kidnap Haley for the trip to Beauty Emporium is one of my favorites.
 Which character is most like you?
Like Haley, I had a hard time in school for a while, and I was also a
budding journalist. I got involved in journalism my sophomore year in
high school. Writing for the paper and being named editor in chief my
senior year became my saving grace.

If Defying the Diva were to become a movie and you could choose the 
actors and actresses, who would you pick to act in the role of your 

Oh man, that’s a hard one I am so busy I hardly ever get to the movies
so I’m not that familiar with  the current roster of young actors.
Ellen Page was great in Juno. She could play Haley. I’d have to think about
who to cast as Camilla, Frankie, Nora, Evan, and Harrison. Who would
YOU cast?? Maybe your readers could weigh in. I’d love to know who they
think should be in the movie.

Readers: If you have any suggestions about who you think should be cast as the characters in Defying the Diva, be sure to leave a comment.

Thank you so much for doing this second interview!

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