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Madapple by Christina Meldrum

Posted on: July 16, 2008


I finished reading Madapple last night and for the first time ever, I sat staring at the book in shock. For fifteen minutes. I was ready to laugh, to cry, and to scream in frustration. Never before have I read a book that left me feeling that way after finishing it. Sure, there’s been books where I’ve laughed, cried, and been frustrated with at different points as I read it (Deathly Hallows comes to mind) but to experience them all at once at the end of a book? Never.

Once the shock wore off, I began wondering how I was ever going to write a review of this book. Because a book that can cause emotions like that definitely can NOT be summed up in one paragraph, no matter how long. I could say that Madapple was about flowers and plants. I could also say that it’s about a girl who’s a prisoner in her own life. I could also say that it challenges the religion of Christianity. I could say all of those things and so many more but none of them would be correct. Yes, Madapple is about flowers and plants. It’s also about being a prisoner in your own life and it’s even about Christianity. But it’s also about so much more than that. More than even my mind can comprehend.


But I must warn you – Madapple is NOT for everyone


Told in alternating chapters of the present and of testimonies being held at Aslaug’s trial, Madapple challenges the reader. It informs the reader. I, myself, though I am not a strong Christian, know by now that most Christians are offended when Christianity is challenged. Madapple does that. But I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing, for it never states that Christianity is wrong and every single character has their own opinion on it. Heck, one of them even runs a church. But what it does do is explain how the birth and story of Jesus that the Christians follow is not the first in history. I’m not going to say more on that subject in fear of giving too much away but I’ll say this – If you’re a Christian who is easily offended, I wouldn’t read this. If you’re a Christian who can handled a reasonable amount of things, pick up the book.


My feelings about Madapple changed throughout the whole book. At first, I was intrigued, then confused, and then bored. Actually, I think I was confused up until the last page and then some. Even at this moment, I can’t say whether I love or hate Madapple. But I’m going to say that I love it because it’s left me speechless and the only other books to have done that are my favorites. The one thing, however, this book didn’t do was make my stomach hurt. The character emotions just weren’t there to make my heart break. All other aspects, besides that, which I love in books were there.


So do I recommend Madapple? Heck yes! But only if you’re up for a challenging read. Only if you’re mature enough to handle speculations about virgin birth and premarital birth. Only if you’re ready to be blown away because you will be, whether it’s in a good or bad way. Only you can make that decision.




5 Responses to "Madapple by Christina Meldrum"

I never got a warning in the reviews I read (thanks for the warning). So I started it, got to page 16 and then flipped through it and I was so offended I felt like burning the book, good thing it was a library book because I would have done some real crazy things to it, just like what I would do to the DaVinci Code if I ever saw it. So I’m one of those people. You might as well call me The Easily Offended Christian ’cause that’s what I am. The Easily Offended Jabbering Christian! 😀

Haven’t seen this book before, though I must say it looks intriguing! I might check it out next time I am in the bookstore.

Lol, I’ve been seeing this book EVERYWHERE! And all the reviews I’ve seen on blogs have been raving about how good it is. =) I really, really want to read it, but since the library around here isn’t the greatest I might have to wait a while! Thanks for the review!

~Lucy D =)

I’m a Christian, but I’m not going to throw a fit when/if I read it. I might be bothered by something, I mean, but I’ve been bothered by things that are against something I believe. However, I deal accordingly. So yeah…

Anyways, I have to say thanks though. I was reading summaries and religion was said to be a major part of the story. I will prolly search it a bit more to make sure that I want to bother reading a book that I might not like when I’m so busy, but again, thanks.

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