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I’m very happy to announce that I’m finally able to post an interview with our marvelous Author of the Month, D. Anne Love.  This is the first part of the interview and I will have another, more focused on Defying the Diva very soon!

When did you know you wanted to be a writer?
When I was in third grade, one of my teachers encouraged me after
reading a story I wrote. I was a total bookworm, and from then on all I
 ever really wanted to be was a writer.
 Do you remember what your first stories were like? Do you still have 
any of them?

I wrote adventures set in exotic locales I read about in my geography
book. One was about a trip down the Amazon. One was about two kids who
meet a magic tiger. I dont’ have any of those early efforts, though.
What’s it like being a writer? What is your favorite and least  favorite thing?
Being a writer is just the coolest thing. I get paid to tell stories.
What could be better than that? My favorite thing is actually revising
first drafts. That’s when I see the story really taking shape and it’s
so much fun. Least favorite?? Having to worry about sales. It’s tough
nowadays when there are so many other ways people can be entertained.
But to me, there will never be anything better than a real book. It’s 
portable, it never needs plugging in, and best of all, each reader
brings her own experiences and  imagination to the story. I love
I’ve heard it’s hard to choose but do you have a favorite book you

Of course I love them all. I get a ton of reader mail on SEMIPRECIOUS
and I love that so many readers care about Garnet and Opal, the sisters
 in the story. DEFYING THE DIVA is close to my heart, because it deals
with a painful and important topic affecting so many teen girls today.

Everyone is addicted to atleast one TV show. What show(s) do you 
refuse to miss?
Okay, you got me! I confess that I am addicted to American Idol. My
friend and fellow author Rachel Cohn got me hooked when we toured
together a few years back. I really had never even heard of it, but
after Rachel talked about it I tuned in and was hooked. Once the show
ends each May, I really don’t watch much TV until the new season starts
 the following February. I do think in recent years the tryouts have
just become totally silly and outrageous, but it’s still fun….

Do you listen to music when you write or at any other time? What are your favorite bands and solo singers?
Lots of my  fellow authors listen to music when writing but I need
total quiet. If I am writing about a certain time period, I will listen to
music from that period while I am researching. When I was working on
SEMIPRECIOUS, I listened to a lot  of 60’s music. I’m working on a
novel about a girl who loves the Beatles, so I’m listening to them now. I
love everything  from jazz to blues to rock. Right now, I’m into The Fray; I
 have one of their songs on my MySpace page…I just discovered an up
and coming band called Lady Antebellum. I listen to Sugarland just to hear
the amazing Jennifer Nettles.When I’m in a mellow mood, I put on jazz,
John Coltrane or Diana Krall.
What can fans expect from you in the future?
Working on a couple of projects —a new novel and another project. I’m
 not sure yet what form it will take.
Anything else you’d like to add?
Thanks so much for reading DEFYING THE DIVA. I hope you enjoy Haley’s


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