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Cover ImageFirst love is the greatest thing in the world. Until it ends. When it does, you wonder if you’ll ever make it. Or maybe you decide that guys are jerks and you pretend that it doesn’t bother you. The truth is that breaking up sucks, especially the first time. No one likes to grow through it, but everyone loves reading about it.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do is the perfect short story collection to read about breaking up. Four short stories, each by an amazing author, tell the stories of Toby, who loses his girlfriend because he won’t have sex, of Dee who realizes that her relationship was nothing but research for a book, of Lisa who’s changed by her boyfriend and then dumped because she was “practice” and not pretty enough, and of Mia, who realizes her girlfriend can’t decide whether she’s straight or gay and ends up hurting Mia in more ways than one.
I don’t read short stories very often, because I always want more but I loved each of the stories. Each story was unique and written in a very different style (one was even written in verse) but they all went great together. If I had to pick my favorite of these stories, it would have to be the story about Mia. I loved reading about the acceptance club at school and Wade was just amazing.
I would definitely recommend getting this book as soon as it comes out. It’s amazing.