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Switch to Blogger?

Posted on: September 27, 2009

I’ve recently started thinking that I should switch back to Blogger (I had it for like a day when I started the blog!) because so many people have commented on how much they prefer Blogger blogs and it’s easier to follow from there. I know it’d take me a while to get used to so I might need someone to help me figure everything out. I’m worried about losing a lot of my readers in the switch, though…

So I’m leaving it up to you (my readers). Would you prefer I keep my blog here or switch to Blogger? If I make the switch, will you continue to follow me?


17 Responses to "Switch to Blogger?"

WordPress looks nicer and has better spam control, but Blogger is more customizable and has more bloggers, I think…I don’t know. I’m fine either way.

Umm, I think you should make the switch. By experience I know that Blogger is a much comfortable platform in the long run–both for the blogger and the reader. As much as there is the option of RSS feeds, it’s not nearly as convenient as following a Blogger blog on the dashboard. And, blogger is also much more customizable; therefore, more options of dressing your blog up;)
It’s still upto you–what I said is merely a suggestion.

AWWWWW but I’ll miss you out here on WordPress! =( Either way, though, it’s more of what you feel most comfortable posting on… we followers will just follow you wherever you go!

I perfer wordpress but to each their own!

Well I’ll follow no matter which you go with. Though wordpress is also free so just be sure to link to the new blog so we can follow you over there should you choose to move, that will help to not loose anyone. I’ve only been with blogger myself so I couldn’t say which is better.

I’ll continue to follow. I use blogger myself. I find it’s easier to customize for yourself. In the end it’s whatever format you’re more comfortable with.

If you do initially lose a few readers here and there, you should be able to build it back up in no time. (Hugs)Indigo

yes move to blogger.

I think you should switch to blogger. But either way I would still follow your site.

I do like Blogger better but that’s up to you.

I will continue to follow you, no matter what you decide.

I personally would go with blogger. I think it is a lot easier than wordpress. I tried wordpress and ended up going back to blogger.

I would switch to blogger, I’ve tried both of them and I think blogger is much easier and more customizable. What I suggest it, if you decide to switch, keep this blog (I think you can import all of your posts to blogger from here somehow too) but when you post a blog post, post in blogger and on this blog until you have the following as you do here, it might take a while, but in the long run, I think it will be worth it.

Also, I could help you if you want, and even make a pretty header for the switch, if you want.

Let us know what you decide. You could even get a blogger and just get the hang of it before telling your readers about it until it’s completely ready and customized for you taste.

I like blogger. I switched to WP a year ago but I’m not a big fan.

Either way, your followers will follow you where ever you may go! 🙂

Definitely Blogger! I love it, and it’s easier to follow you.

I will follow you on either place. I’ve been contemplating moving to WordPress myself. I’m sure you’ll make a great decision either way! 🙂

I prefer wordpress no particular reason why. It’s just the one I kept up with and am now on a self-hosted wordpress site. I would follow either way so just do whatever works best for you.

Of course I’ll read your blog whichever way you go (seriously what kind of question was that :P)! Though blogger blogs are easier for me because then they pop up in my dashboard and I never forget to read a post.

I’ve actually been thinking of switching to WordPress. I like the comment system better. Blogger’s is so confusing. Both platforms have plenty to like, and I’m sure the majority of readers will stick with you.

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