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Flashback: Elizabeth Scott

Posted on: September 15, 2009

Thanks to everyone who left comments on last week’s post. None of the names anyone provided really clicked with me, even though there were some awesome suggestions. So, I’ve decided on the title Flashback for this feature.

Today, I’m 100% jumping-up-and-down excited to introduce ELIZABETH SCOTT as this week’s Flashback writer. As many of you know, she’s pretty much my favorite author so it’s a great honor to host her this week.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about when Harmony very kindly asked me to do a guest blog, but then she sent me a note with a few suggestions, and one of them was to send along an old diary entry from when I was a teenager.

I really loved that idea!

The only problem was, I didn’t keep a diary then. Or now, either, actually.

So I always read with envy articles about authors who kept detailed journals from the time they were twelve. I wonder what it would be like to go back and read what my fifteen, my sixteen and my seventeen-year-old self would have to say, not because I don’t remember what being in high school was like–because I do, and if anything, writing young adult novels has made that time of my life stand out very clearly–but because I’d like to see if my handwriting was as bad then as it is now!

Do I regret not keeping a journal? No. But I do think that if you want to be a writer, and you already know it (which I sure didn’t back then!), then why not keep track of your days? Why not write about how you feel and what’s happening in your life? One of the hardest things to learn about writing, I think, is that you have to let yourself embrace everything–even the things that scare you.

Especially the things that scare you.

So, as a thank you for reading this post about my non-existent record of my teenage years, I’d like to give one lucky US reader a journal of her/his own! Just leave a comment here by Monday, September 21st, and Harmony will pick the winner and then I’ll send the winner a journal.

Elizabeth Scott is the author of Something, Maybe, Love You Hate You Miss You, Bloom, Stealing HeavenLiving Dead GirlPerfect You, and the upcoming Unwritten Rule.


3 Responses to "Flashback: Elizabeth Scott"

I’m not US-based but just to say I really enjoyed reading this 🙂

In my Comp I class we write journal entries every day about anything we want and I find it interesting to look back at things that were on my mind just a few weeks ago that I had forgotten about.


I’ve never kept a journal of my daily life except for school, although a long time ago I had a personal blog I posted in every now and then. I don’t quite know why, but I think it has to do with the amount of time I spend writing other stuff. I mean, I remember my life pretty clearly-do I really need to write it all down?

Bits and pieces of my life are found in writing but I’ve never kept a journal for all that long… I’ve tried and I kind of wish I could, but it seems that none of my efforts have born fruit…

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