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AOM Interview: Megan Crewe

Posted on: September 13, 2009

megan>>How does it feel to know that the final copies of your book are out there (or will be soon) and that there’s no going back?

It’s a little scary, but mostly exciting.  I feel that the book’s ready to be out there–there aren’t any last minute changes I wish I’d made–and I’m looking forward to sharing it with readers.  That’s the whole point of writing, after all: to tell a story to someone.  Hopefully lots of someones!

>>What role has the online community of reviewers and readers affected the promotion of the book?

It’s hard to know exactly what effect any given factor has on promotion (I have no data to consult 😉 ), but I definitely think the online community has done an amazing job of spreading word about the book.  I suspect a lot of readers know about it now who wouldn’t have otherwise.  I’m incredibly grateful to all the book fans who’ve talked about the book, reviewed it, interviewed me, and hosted me at their blogs!

>>So Give Up The Ghost obviously deals with a character that believes in ghosts. Do you share the belief with her?

I believe that it’s possible that there are ghosts.  I’ve never actually seen one myself, so I don’t feel totally certain, but I wouldn’t be shocked if I encountered one.  I’d actually be very curious to know what form they’d take.

>>From writing the first draft to seeing the final copies of your book, what’s been the hardest part of being a soon-to-be publisher author? The best part?

The hardest part is definitely all the waiting involved in the publishing process.  With most books, you have at least 18 months between sale and publication (in my case it was 20), and during most of those months there’s very little for the author to do.  You wait for your editorial letters, you wait to see your cover, you wait to see the first reviews.  I’m a very action-oriented person–I like to go out and make things happen–so it can be difficult having to sit back and *let* things happen that are beyond my control.

The best part is the writing itself.  I love coming up with story ideas, expanding them, getting to know characters, writing those stories down, finding better ways to tell them and new twists and developments…  It’s all good!  Which is why I deal with those waiting times by writing new books.  🙂

>>What are the five best YA books you’ve read this year?

I have to narrow it down to just five?  Now that’s hard!  These are the first ones that come to mind:  I adored SHADOWED SUMMER by Saundra Mitchell, which has an amazing voice and atmosphere.  WINTERGIRLS by Laurie Halse Anderson was powerful and heart-wrenching.  SPELL HUNTER by R.J. Anderson is such a unique take on faeries and has a wonderfully strong female main character.  THE DEMON’S LEXICON by Sarah Rees Brennan is another great book for inverting expectations, and I love the sibling relationships in it.  And how can I not mention CATCHING FIRE by Suzanne Collins, which managed to live up to the huge expectations on it after THE HUNGER GAMES!

>>What advice would you give to your teen readers? (On life, writing, whatever.)

In life or in writing, if there’s something you really want, go for it!  Even if other people think it’s a long shot.  Do your best to prepare yourself, of course–find out everything you can that’ll help you accomplish your goal.  But keep trying for it, and chances are you’ll eventually get it.

>>What should we be expecting from you next? Are you working on anything now?

I’m always working on new projects–mostly paranormal and fantasy YA.  As for what’s coming next, I can’t reveal that quite yet.

>>What has never been asked in an interview that you’d like someone to ask?

What’s the best way a reader can help support books they enjoy?

And my answer would be: Talk to people about it, online and off. Tell bookstore staff about it–if they have it in stock, let them know you liked it; if they don’t, recommend they order it. Suggest to your local library that they get a copy if they don’t already. The best thing for any book is good word-of-mouth!


10 Responses to "AOM Interview: Megan Crewe"

Is there going to be a sequel to Give Up The Ghost? I want more Paige and Tim!!

Awesome interview, Harmony!

Very nice interview!
Megan also stopped by my blog and she is so lovely!

Great interview! I can’t wait to read Give up the Ghost!

Megan, thank you so much for choosing SPELL HUNTER as part of your top five! I’m really honored. (And I agree about the amazingness of DEMON’S LEXICON!)

I also have to say to everyone who reads this that GIVE UP THE GHOST is beautifully written, with wry humor, sparkling dialogue, and real emotional pull. I knew enough about Megan’s writing to expect it would be good, but even I was unprepared for how good it was.

Thanks for a great interview, Harmony!

Great interview.I liked the questions you asked her.GOTG is on the top of my TBR list

Awesome interview! I’m a big fan of Demon’s Lexicon and Catching Fire too!

Great interview! I agree with the promotion through blogging – that was how I found out about Give Up The Ghost and added it to my list. Book reviewers are amazing an amazing species, bless them 🙂 I’ve been wanting to read The Demons Lexicon and Shadowed Summer too, I have Catching Fire coming in the mail (excited!) and because she seems to have super awesome taste in books, I’m going to look up the other ones she mentioned! -zooms off to do so-

I totally agree about Spell Hunter/Knife and Wintergirls! Awesome books! And Giving Up the Ghost sounds incredibly awesome too! I’ll read it as soon as I find a copy somewhere!

I still have to read Wintergirls, Spell Hunter and Shadowed Summer. I loved The Demon’s Lexicon

I’ve read all five of her fave YA books of the year! I feel accomplished.

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