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Growing a Writer by Linda Joy Singleton

Posted on: September 8, 2009

Today I introduce you to you an Untitled New Feature. From now on, every Tuesday will feature an author talking about themselves as a teen. (Authors, if you’re interested, EMAIL ME!) But, I can’t seem to come up with a decent name. So leave your thoughts on a good name in the comments and if I decide you use yours, I’ll send you a gigantic swag pack. Now, onto the guest blog.


As I kid I’d tell people I was born to write. I have animal stories written when I was 8 years old and at age 14 I typed a 200 page mystery in two weeks. I submitted short stories to American Girl Magazine and received very encouraging rejections. I also started a pen pal friendship with an author I admired.

During my 9th grade typing class (electric typewriters), I wrote a journal. Here are some entries from my Freshman year:

JANUARY 20th – Didn’t flunk algebra test! Got a C+. In General Business wrote a bit on a new story called HERO FOREVER, and it’s good. In P.E. had a quiz then tried to get our dance together. During break went into typing room, typed two pages of the story. In 4th period I finally figured out how we will read the first act of Romeo and Juliet. Kind of fun today. I let Mr. Meylor read my story called MY IMAGINARY, SHAKESPEAREAN ROMANCE – that one is really funny or crazy is more the word. Yesterday I got a job! But only for one day. I have to type the whole day, and am I ever thrilled! It will really be fun and I might get some ideas for my writing, and it will be some experience! Algebra next, the debrightener of my day.

JANUARY 31 – In General Business started writing a story called CRASH. Don’t know if I like it or not, even though it isn’t finished.  Went to typing room during part of break.  In English have to finish a story about a fat man who accidentally lost his glasses and fell down a log shoot onto a conveyor belt and who is 3 inches away from a buzz saw. We have to tell what happened next and Superman, Batman, Might Mouse, Underdog and others aren’t allowed to rescue him. So I let him go through it. Algebra next. I only hope I live thought that.

MAY 5 – In General Business took a test. Later I saw my grade, out of 30 I was 21, but still my extra points haven’t been added yet. It was real cold out, so didn’t go swimming in P.E. During the break went into the typing room with Cindy and Shawna. Ate lunch. In 4th period went to the library again. I wrote a made-up book report. I said the book was called MURDER MASQUERADE and the author was Mayla Curry Anderson and I made up a whole plot. Algebra next and when I get home I get a kitty named Toby–yay!

JUNE 2 — In General Business worked and actually listened (I didn’t have a book with me today). In P.E. I nearly didn’t put on my swimming suit because it had four earwigs crawling on it! There was a bit of screaming and a lot of shivering and shaking from me. But we killed them all. In 4th period tried to make a series that I like. And before I write a story this time I’m going to know what I’m writing ahead of time. I call this one The Carroll Sisters Mysteries (0 mysteries so far). Algebra next—I like the earwigs better.
*      *     *     *     *     *     *

In case you’re wondering, I sold my first book in my last 20’s. And my newest book, DEAD GIRL IN LOVE from Flux is my 35th published book. It’s about a girl who literally becomes her own best friend when she goes into the body of her best friend then soon discovers she’s being stalked by a Dark Lifer. DEAD GIRL WALKING and DEAD GIRL DANCING are available, too from Flux.

PS — I didn’t flunk Algebra. But it was close (g). Amber in my DEAD GIRL series loves math.

[Harmony’s note: I haven’t read any of these books but they look really good. I’m going to see if I can get myself a copy sometime!]


7 Responses to "Growing a Writer by Linda Joy Singleton"

Awesome! ^^ I’ll have to pick them up too!



Thanks for suggesting this article. It was fun to write and remember some of my high school fun.

The title that keeps popping up in my brain is, “When I Grew Up.” I’m listening to the country music station, and I just heard, “Where I grew up, we rode in trucks.” xD

It must have awesome to know what you were meant to do. I have absolutely no idea. That’s such a gift.

It’s amazing to be able to see into the mind of a teenage author who is now a smashing success. (Congrats on that, Linda. 🙂

Some names for the blog could be-

Breaking Into The Past

Rewind! Sucessful Authors reveal their teenage thoughts

Being Teen

The Golden Past Post

Great Expectations of Teenage Authors

The Things They Knew

The Author’s Code

Chronicles of Artisans

Growing Into Me

They may not be that good, but maybe they’ll inspire yourself or someone else to think of a really good one. Good luck everyone 🙂
And congrats to Linda again, because your writing is superb and I can’t wait for more new stuff!!

Teen Time Capsule

That one is a good one 🙂

Oooh, what about Writers in the Works?

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