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What I’m Reading (9)

Posted on: September 4, 2009

Chinese Cinderella: The True Story of an Unwanted Daughter

This is my summer reading book and I just started it (school starts Tuesday). In my defense, I only got the book last week and before that, I only knew I had to do it a week earlier. But, luckily, it seems to be a pretty good book and I’m actually excited to read it!

A Northern Light

I started this one earlier in the week but it got pushed over by some other books. It’s really good so far so once I finish my summer reading, I’ll definitely be finishing it.

Message from Nam

This is one that I’ve already started and finished but it’s too amazing not to mention, especially since I won’t be reviewing it. My librarian recommended it to me and it kept me up until 1:11 in the morning to finish it. It’s THAT good. Even if you don’t like adult books, I’d pick it up.

So what are you reading?


1 Response to "What I’m Reading (9)"

Chinese Cinderella is supposedly a really good book… a couple of my friends read it and really liked it.

I read A Northern Light awhile ago (middle school, I think?) but I really really loved it. One of my faves from back then… and come to think of it, I should read it again.

❤ Chelsie

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