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Prophecy of the Sisters and Victorian Guys

Posted on: August 22, 2009

By now you’ve probably seen my review and maybe even a few copies in your local store. Now it’s time to officially celebrate the release (a few weeks late) here on the blog.

Prophecy of the Sisters

ONE winner will receive all of the following:

Prophecy playlist,

Visa gift card,

Prophecy bookmark,

Prophecy magnet,

signed Prophecy poster,

lip gloss,


choice of DVD between PS I Love You or Atonement

To enter, leave a comment with your email telling me why Victorian Guys are hot by September 11th (my birthday!!).

(Please note this is a US only contest.)


22 Responses to "Prophecy of the Sisters and Victorian Guys"

Victorian guys are hot because they had manners and new how to treat women!

Email: joannestapley[at]googlemail[dot]com

Why victorian guys are hot? The clothes, definitely. Smoking jackets…all those hats…ohhh…

I’ll enter. 🙂 amandagignac[at]gmail[dot]com

So many good reasons!! They’re gentlemen with wonderful manners. They can speak properly. They now how to dress and treat someone with respect….Plus they’re so pretty! 🙂

This is such an awesome contest! Thanks for hosting it!

two_of_hearts_101 at yahoo dot com

Totally the clothes. 🙂

Victorian guys are hot cos of their chiseled looks, gentlemanly manners and their strong personalities! 🙂

OOhh did I place my answer in the wrong spot? Here goes again. I think I lived that era. It was all the oppression. Sex was a no-no topic, all that oppression made the sexual energy hotter. All hush hush……then the curtains were closed…..and we both got that look in our eyes……excuse me, while I get a cold drink.

The moustaches and haircuts!

The looks, manners, clothes and attitude are totally the reasons.

They are hot mostly because of their looks and great manners.


Oh nice contest swag!

Hot because of there top hats and being well dressed all the time! Plus their, stance-confident.


Victorian guys are hot because they got to travel to the ends of the earth making cool discoverys, just like many (well, at least some) Victorian women! And then they got to come home and make cool cabinents of curiousities.

Victorian guys are hot because they totally have the manners and speech down. PLUS to them an ankle was totally sexy 😛 ha.

🙂 Erica

Victorian guys are hot because they are perfect gentlemen and they dress well.


They’re hot for a lot of reasons. The accents, the politeness, I could go on and on(:


Cool contest! 😛

Victorian guys are hot because they are so proper and gentlemanly– and the clothes, especially the hats!


Awesome contest, thanks and Happy Early Birthday!!! : D Victorian guys are hot because they are good dressers, gentleman, romantic, and looks!

Victorian guys are hot because gentile breeding and charm goes a long way!

Victorian guys are hot because manners are a huge turn-on for me!

Victorian guys are hot because they have beautiful accents, speak elequently, and actually RESPECT woman rather than make a bunch of pervy jokes. ex: opening a carrage door, holding a seat for them, dancing in a nice manner.

Victorian guys rule because they are very well mannered. They are also hot! Oh, and they speak so eloquently and have manners. And don’t forget the sword fights. I believe most girls would go for a guy who would get in a sword fight to defend her. I know I would.


Happy early birthday! Victorian guys are hot for a number of reasons. My favorite being that they actually know how to treat women. They hold doors opens, wait for a lady to be seated, etc. Plus they have amazing accents, and I love a man with an accent.


Victorian guys are hot because of their clothes, manners, British accents, and general awesomeness.

paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com

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