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Posted on: August 20, 2009

So I just got two very exciting emails today. It seems that I’ve been nominated for not one but TWO BBAW awards. This is just mind-blowing because I wasn’t expecting ANY but I was nominated for Best YA Blog and Best Reviews.

I have to send five posts in for each category but I just can’t choose. So I need your help – what are your favorites posts on the site?

(And thank you sososo much to whoever nominated me! It’s an honor to see my name up their with people like Kristi, Alea, Sharon, Steph Su, Nikki, and all of the others!)


5 Responses to "BBAW"

Sharon? lol I’m looking at all the other blogs and thinking what am I doing in this? haha I’ll take a look and see which posts I love. I don’t remember off the top of my head. I’ve already helped a few people pick posts. Mine were so easy because I’m convinced I won’t win anything lol xD

Congrats!!!! It’s well deserved. I love your blog and I love the 1 ARC Tour. It’s genius!!! I’m sure you have a much better chance of winning than I do. I’m with Sharon, I just randomly picked posts, because I don’t think I have much of a chance.

Congratulations! So well deserved.

I also have an award for you at Debbie’s World of Books

Very interesting article. I like how you went through each of the blogs that you worked with and pointed out different things. Thanks for this blog very much

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