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Library Fundraising, Part Two

Posted on: July 29, 2009

If you saw yesterday’s post, you know that I’m working on some ways to help my library out. With the help of those who commented (especially The Compulsive Reader) I came up with a bunch of great ideas and this morning, I went to the library to run them by my librarian. We’ve come up with a few things that will hopefully be a hit.

1.) Autographed books. TCR suggested this, saying that if I had books I wanted to get rid of, I could have the author sign them and use them for a Chinese Auction type thing. I loved the idea, as did my librarian, but the problem is that since I live in such a small town, author names don’t really mean anything. It would just be another book and we aren’t sure how much that would help. I do have a few already autographed books that I want to try it with and if it works, it’s something we can do next year on a bigger level.

2.) Book Groups. Instead of the autographed books, we decided that grouping books together and using them for the Chinese Auction may work best. From this point on, I’ll be saving most of my ARCs/review copies for this and I’m also looking to collect some if. So, reviewers/authors/whoever, if you have any books just lying around that are in good shape and you’d like to get rid of them for a good cause, email me. Anything will work – YA, MG, childrens, and adults – since it won’t be just teens entering for this stuff.

3.) Chinese Auction. Like I mentioned, we’ll be doing a Chinese Auction. It will include the books mentioned above and hopefully I’ll be able to get donations from local businesses. I also plan on buying things like giftcards, etc. that people would enjoy. My grandma plans on putting together some baskets of various things, I believe.

4.) Sponsor A Book. I actually just came up with this one, it has been run by my librarian yet, but hopefully it will work out. I plan on making a list of YA/MG books that the library needs to complete series or to fill an author’s collection and finding the current price on Amazon. Then, when people come to the bake/book sale, they will have the option of sponsoring a book by donating the price listed so we can order the book. I’m not sure how many people will be interested but I figure it’s atleast worth a shot.

5.) Bake Sale. This is the most defiinite thing I plan on doing. I did it a few weeks ago for their early summer bake sale but unfortunately, I did most of the baking. We did raise $50 though. This time, I plan on getting more people to bake stuff, possibly by posting a sign-up sheet in the library. We also won’t price stuff and let it be donations only which may raise more money.

So that’s what we’ve come up with so far. Does anyone have any comments on what I’ve listed or suggestions for new things?


6 Responses to "Library Fundraising, Part Two"

Is a Chinese Auction like a silent auction where you bid on stuff?
Because I Was going to suggest you could maybe get a donation a larger item, and then sell raffle tickets for it. My local theater does that and they always sell a ton of tickets.

What a wonderful idea to fundraise for your library! Way to support the readers in your community!

Ooh, glad to help, and good luck!

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Good for you, Harmony! I love that you’re getting involved. I’m going to send you an email shortly!!!

Those are some great ideas! Bake sales are usually a lot of fun if you can get enough people to help out. The sponsor-a-book sounds really good too!

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