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Posted on: July 26, 2009


Wish You Were Dead

I’m very excited for both of these. I loved the one Strasser book I read and this one sounds so cool. Candor sounds amazing too and the boy on the cover is hot. Will definitely read these two soon.

That’s all I got this week but they’re definitely good books!


7 Responses to "In My Mailbox"

Oh I’m glad you got Candor. Sadly, I was less then impressed with Wish You Were Dead. I’m still interested to see what you think of these two.

Great week. I’m jealous of you haha. I want Egmont books.

Candor looks simply amazing! Happy reading 🙂

AHHH!! I want to read Candor SO bad. I hope you enjoy both books. Happy reading!

Hey, coolio, I got Candor this week too! The Strasser book sounds really intriguing! Happy reading =)

Both books look great! Egmont is looking really promising.

So jealous you got a copy of Candor! That looks really good.

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