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James, We Dare You!

Posted on: July 13, 2009

James, Chelsea and I dare you to accept this challenge and complete ALL TEN of the items on this list.

1.) Read all of the Twilight series

2.)Write a blog post confessing your love of Edward Cullen (MUST be at least 10 sentences!!)

3.)Make a vlog of yourself singing/dancing to Lady Gaga.

4.)Drink 5 cups of coffee in one morning.

5.)Make a vlog about how awesome we (Chelsea and I) are.

6.)Dress up as Harry Potter (as in put a lightning bolt on your forehead), take a picture of yourself, then say hello to 5 random people on the street and blog about their reactions.

7.)Watch an episode of Supernatural and draw a picture of Sam and Dean.

8.)Write an essay using only Linkin Park lyrics.

9.) Read the whole Harry Potter series. We *will* be quizzing you on these so cheating will not be accepted 🙂

10.) We are still debating on this one and shall let you know when we come up with it. Be prepared to do something BA.

This challenge must be completed by BEA 2010.

If you fail this challenge, you must do something embarrassing AND carry all of our books for us.

If you complete this challenge, we will carry all of your books at BEA.

To join the fun, visit the I Dare You Blog.


2 Responses to "James, We Dare You!"

This will prove difficult since I hate embarrassing situations and also do not drink coffee (can there be a substitute for that one?).

Am also worried about what #10 will be….

Nice! Those are awesome dares, the only one I think is icky is the coffee one. 5 cups of coffee sounds crazy. Although, I do know people that drink Monsters for breakfast… I can’t even handle one average coffee. Plus that’s a lot of liquid to drink!

P.S. If he does complete them all, then keep in mind that you can check an empty bag at BEA for $3 a day and can keep going back to add books. That’s what we did because we had more than 30 books to carry each day. You guys wont want to carry your own books PLUS his!

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