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I Need Your Input

Posted on: July 6, 2009

So there’s this really awesome book that comes out in 2010. It’s the author’s debut novel and I’m not sure how much publicity the publisher is giving it. It deserves to be read by everyone so I plan on promoting it like crazy. However, I want to know your opinion on what works best.

What makes you want to run out and buy/pre-order a book? How far will you go to promote a book? Would you request your library gets it in? Post flyers in a cafe/bookstore/around town?

Do you enjoy things like Ballad Blitz or the Getting to Know Willow blog? Does the option of winning a bunch of prizes persuade you to buy the book or even buy it sooner? Would you rather one winner get a bunch of prizes or several winners each win something?

Any input/suggestions/comments you have on this would be EXTREMELY appreciated!


8 Responses to "I Need Your Input"

Several wins. Mostly because sometimes in the giant prize pack there are things that the winner might already have. So an easy way to solve that problem is for the people to pick what they want to enter.

I read the summary. The reviews have to be a general “good” and if not I need the whys. Sometimes reviews are bias for a certain one reason only that makes the whole book bad for them. Some sites and reviews I do not trust mostly because EVERYTHING is AWESOME!!! If I happen to like a book a LOT then I put in a request for the library–especially the lesser known books. Aside from that I’ll post reviews, interviews, Q&As, giveaways, WoW posts, memes and the whole shebang on my blog. I recommend books to friends online and offline, talking to librarians from the public to the schools.

As for those sites I’ve noticed that while the pre-release is fabulous–full of energy and people, it dies out in a couple of weeks. I hardly ever go to there, like what’s the point?

Any other questions? 🙂

The trick is to draw attention to the book, right? That comes first. But after you’ve got my attention, the ONE thing that makes me go out and buy it is if it’s about something that I like (in a genre I like, has characters I like, situations I like). Nothing else matters.

As far as drawing attention to the book, I like book giveaways. I don’t like anything too gimmicky, though, as it tends to make me feel like I’m being hustled, but if the gimmick draws attention to the book, then mission accomplished. But it’s a fine line between helpful and annoying.

So, I guess do what you want as far getting the book attention, but after a certain point, the book will stand or fall on its own merit.

If its a book that isn’t already in my comfort zone of genres (fantasy/paranormal/romance) then I would have to see either other bloggers I read regularly reviewing it and excerpts to see if it would be in my style before I go to buy/pre-order it. I mean there are some that I just go ‘OMG that looks awesome’ in a quick decision, but by in large I prefer to have some sort of idea of it first.

I agree with Yan about smaller prizes vs. one large grand prize. Plus I think it would better the cause (so to speak) if the love was spread.

I mean depending on what the Pub department is doing–the typical promo stuff is good to hand out (postcards, bookmarks, etc), but maybe put together a chapter excerpt to hand out in-person at events/locales? That’s something a lot of romance novelists give out for newsletter subscribers/promotional materials for review sites.

As far as promoting…I’ll do most things to help out. My schedule is pretty flexible so it enables me to travel or talk to librarians and such a lot easier.

Is the author part of any blog groups–like 2k9 or The Tenners or Word Ninjas? That sort of thing helps I think quite a bit–the authors all help cross-promote, dedicated blogger group, that sort of thing.

First off, this spoiled diva doesn’t run anywhere — I kick back & preorder online or pick up the phone & preorder the books I am chomping @ the bit for. LOL!

I believe strongly in supporting authors & am not a fan of used book stores because the authors do NOT receive their royalties & I am not too thrilled w/ bookmooch or paperbackswap for this very reason — the authors do NOT get acknowleged for all of their hard work w/ book exchange services. I mean, how is it fair to keep passing the same book to 10 different readers? I mean, the author only received their percentage for one book –but 10 (or more) people read the book & the author only received a pittance to for all of their hard work.

I LOVE ARCS but… I still go out & support my favorite authors & new to me faves & debut authors. If I don’t particulary “feel” like it is hardcover worthy, I will get the paperback version when it is released– or gift it to the local library. If it isn’t for me, then it isn’t for me.

I do donate books to a women & children’s shelter for their library.

I do request titles @ the local area libraries — even if I don’t frequent the library others do. I even call my junior high/middle school & HS library to request books. I even donate books to my former elementary school & gift a class w/ books.

Books are an important part of my life — I inhale them like air, chocolate & pizza :p.

I love getting the book immediately, but have been burned when books were “sold out” & I was left searching the planet for my book — moaning, groaning & playing the role of witch – OK, that isn’t a difficult role, but learned to preorder.

I love to preorder — I always have my copy sent to me on time(sometimes it arrives early *happy dance*). I am a bit spoiled & selfish & love to have “my stash” all to myself. Goody Goody aka Greedy Greedy!

I have promoted books by leaving flyers all over — coffeehouses, laundry mats, bookstore bulletin boards… you name it.

I think several winners is the way to go. I’m guilty of wanting a chance to win. lol.

I steer clear of the always 5 star reviews… gimmeabreak! Is that fudge on your nose?

Great post, Harmony.

What makes you want to run out and buy/pre-order a book?

Interesting summary with non-stop 5/5 reviews!

How far will you go to promote a book?

Depends how excited I am for it. Sometimes prizes can be quite enticing.

Would you request your library gets it in?

Yes! But nowadays I’m swamped with books so not until I clear those out!

Post flyers in a cafe/bookstore/around town?

Hm, not that far sorry.

Do you enjoy things like Ballad Blitz or the Getting to Know Willow blog?

I haven’t participate in either yet but they are exciting!

Does the option of winning a bunch of prizes persuade you to buy the book or even buy it sooner?

Haha, yea it does. Did it with for The Dust of 100 Dogs.

Would you rather one winner get a bunch of prizes or several winners each win something?

Several. 🙂

I post book covers and summaries on my Myspace blog, but that’s it.

As for prizes, I like it when several people win something.

If someone is offering a prize for buying a book, I almost always buy it sooner than I would have.

When I see a book that is up on a lot of blogs with an interesting plot and good reviews, it of course peeks my interest. (And sometimes some bad reviews have peeked my interest too cause I sometimes want to find out for myself it really was as horrible as everyone was saying). I mainly pre-order books that are by an author I already love or if I think the book is right up my alley. Then I blab my fat mouth as much as I can about it when I review it =D!

Though I would love to buy every book I want, I don’t have the funds, so I do request a lot of books through my library. And I do twitter about books I really have enjoyed or post them up on some of the book boards I’m a memeber of.

With prizes, I have pre-ordered a book or two that I might have normally waited for, but heard great reviews, there was a contest, so I decided to take a gamble. I agree with Yan, I think several prizes is the best way to go because people might already own some of the stuff that is being offered.

I think you’re on the right track with the ideas you have: contests, asking libraries to order it, pre-ordering, blog tours, etc. And since it’s still so far out, I think it’s important to let the book’s publicist know how much you enjoyed it, to generate in-house buzz at the publisher (and hopefully get *them* to promote the book more!).

Also, as the book’s release date gets closer, never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth, especially for your non-reader friends who might be more resistant to trying something new…especially if it’s a book you really believe in! Think about how virally Twilight spread because one girl insisted to her friend that she read, and so on and so on and so on…publicity can get a book started but you and your friends do the rest!!!

Enlist the author’s help, give him/her suggestions (especially since it’s their debut) as to what they can do to help you promote it.

And good luck on your big promos!!! 🙂

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