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David Inside Out by Lee Bantle

Posted on: July 1, 2009

David Inside Out

Title: David Inside Out

Author: Lee Bantle

Rating: 9/10

Summary: (Taken from Amazon)

David Dahlgren, a high-school senior, finds solace in running with the track team; he’s a fast runner, and he enjoys the camaraderie. But team events become a source of tension when he develops a crush on one of his teammates, Sean. Scared to admit his feelings, David does everything he can to suppress them: he dates a girl, keeps his distance from his best friend who has become openly gay, and snaps a rubber band on his wrist every time he has “inappropriate” urges. Before long, Sean expresses the thoughts David has been trying to hide, and everything changes for the better. Or so it seems.

 In this thoughtful yet searing coming-of-age novel, Lee Bantle offers a raw, honest, and incredibly compelling account of a teenager who learns to accept himself for who he is.
My Thoughts: David Inside Out is one of those books that are impossible to put down. For those who read the summary and went “But the characters are gay and…”, here’s the thing – It didn’t matter that they were gay. They were two people who have crushes they don’t want to admit and when they finally get the chance to do something about it, other people always get in the way. If that doesn’t sound familiar, if that isn’t something you can relate to, then you’ve been living under a rock.
In all honesty, I have nothing but praise for this book. I was LOLing at some points but close to tears at others. All of the characters were realistic and I felt the plot wasn’t over-dramatized. Everything fit together well but it wasn’t easy to predict exactly what would happen. I adored the ending and felt that it fit perfectly with the rest of the novel.
I should probably also add that I’ve reread this one a couple times already. It’s that good. I’m sure almost everyone will be able to relate to it in one way or another. Definitely recommended!!

4 Responses to "David Inside Out by Lee Bantle"

I read a review of this about a month ago and it sounds fantastic. I’m thinking I might read it for my GLBT Challenge.

I’ve heard lots of good things about this book, and I must get a copy soon!

This book looks so good. I really want to read it!

Great review. I LOVED this one too so I’m glad you enjoyed it just as much. Everyone should read it. I read it in one day and really want to re-read it over and over as well.


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