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Girlforce by Nikki Goldstein

Posted on: June 17, 2009


Title: Girlforce

Author: Nikki Goldstein

Rating: 9/10

Good If… You’re looking for a helpful and inspiring book on self-image.

Summary: (Taken from Amazon)

Welcome to GirlForce, an exciting new lifestyle brand for tween and teen girls that is simply irresistible. At its core, Girl Force is based on an ancient science called Ayurveda that says our bodies are made of three elemental energies: Fire, Air, and Earth. And with just two quick quizzes about body and mind you can determine your Body Type. Air girls are outgoing and creative; Fire girls are born leaders and highly passionate; and Earth girls are easygoing and make loyal friends.
Guided by these principles, and using lush, high-end photography and gorgeously designed pages, GirlForce imparts the best food, exercise, makeup, yoga, stress relievers and more for your body type. But don’t just read about your type…reading your friends’ types can help you figure them out too!

My Thoughts: I’m not big on self-help books (or non-fiction books in general) but Girlforce looked like it could be interesting so I decided to give it a shot.

The one thing I really liked about Girlforce was that it proved that not everyone benefits from the same thing and they go with that throughout the whole book. Once you decide whether you’re a Fire, Air, or Earth girl (I’m Earth!), you’ll be guided in what types of things you should do to fit your lifestyle. It shows you the different exercises each body type should do, explains the art of yoga, and many other things. Plus, you can tell it’s not crap because when they say “Earth girls usually ___” and you are an Earth girl, you know it’s true.

The one section I wasn’t too fond of was the food section. I loved how they broke it down and everything but it just seemed slightly unrealistic. I know very few people who eat most of the things mentioned. This could just be a result of where I live but because of that, I didn’t get much use out that of section.

I also loved the little tidbits about your personality, clothing, and various quizzes you could take.

Overall, I really enjoyed this and have applied several ideas to my own personal life already. I definitely recommend this one!


5 Responses to "Girlforce by Nikki Goldstein"

Hmm…sounds interesting. I’m really curious to see what I am now. And I always find food “help” sections or whatever don’t really “help”. hahah

This sounds like a helpful book. I’ve never read a self-help book before, but maybe I’ll start with this one.

This book seems like a helpful book, but I’m not sure its something I would ever read. Mabey, not now anyways. I have a HUGE TO READ LIST and thats what I’m focusing on right now

sounds great:)

I really want to check out this book! I like these sort of self-help books.

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