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The Guardian by Joyce Sweeney

Posted on: April 17, 2009

  The GuardianTitle: The Guardian

Author: Joyce Sweeney

Rating: B

Good If… You’re looking for an action-packed book with some Catholic twists.

Summary: (Taken from Amazon)

Hunter has never had anyone to look out for him. His mother gave him away when he was young, he’s never known his father, and his foster mother leaves a lot to be desired in the mothering department. So when a mysterious, benevolent force suddenly starts coming to his aid, Hunter doesn’t know what to believe. Could he really have a guardian angel? Hunter so badly wants someone to care that he’s willing to take a leap of faith, and more. But when he finally learns the truth about his angel, he’ll have to decide whether it’s the best thing that ever happened to him or the worst.

This masterful pairing of suspenseful, fast-paced storytelling with genuine compassion and heart is Joyce Sweeney at her best.
My Thoughts: I was hooked from the first page. Hunter’s home life is a realistic one and I loved how each of his sister’s had a distinct personality and relationship with him. His foster mother, no matter how horrible she acts, is also a realistic character, though I hope I never meet anyone like her.

Then things began getting iffy, for me. I believe in angels but I couldn’t wrap my head around Hunter truly believing a spirit was sending him emails and helping him out in the ways mentioned in the book. But even at that point, I was still hooked. I wanted to know what/who was doing all of this stuff and how he was going to fix all the problems with his foster mom.

The last few chapters, though…they really got me. I just can’t picture some of the things happening (I won’t say what so it’s not spoiled for anyone) and to me, it just seemed really far-fetched.

So this one gets a B. I loved the first half and still adore the characterization but the ending didn’t hit me strong enough to give this one an A.

(P.S. – Am I the only one who adores this cover?!?)


3 Responses to "The Guardian by Joyce Sweeney"

Haha. I love that line “Good if you’re looking for an action-packed book with some Catholic twists.” I’ll probably check this one out. Has it already been released?

I love this book as well, it was awesome i think that the story could have jumped into the situatuions a little more soothly. Overall the stroy was good and it was fun to read. ( i also like the cover)

I read this book June 1st and could not put it down, I was up until 11:00 P.M. and my parents told me to go to bed right after I finished the last page, it was quite ironic. But it was strange how I got the book, it’s like something was calling out to me to pick it up.

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