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Melissa Walker on I Heart Daily!

Posted on: January 18, 2009

Thanks to Harmony for having me here to help celebrate the one-year
anniversary of this awesome blog!

I just started my own newsletter venture, iheartdaily.com, so I
thought I’d talk about it here, and why I love blogging and writing in
general. Photobucket

My publisher for the Violet series really encouraged me to keep a blog, but I thought that would be silly. I couldn’t think of what I’d write about, or who would read it. I wasn’t sure that posting a few times a week was something I wanted to spend time doing. It seemed unnatural. It seemed like a lot of work.

But I did it anyway, because my editor asked me to. And after a few posts on melissacwalker.com, I realized I was kind of into it. I found
things I wanted to say and share with other people. I met some smart
and cool bloggers (like Harmony) who loved talking about books and fun
stuff in general.

Around this time, my friend Anne and I were lamenting the loss of our
favorite teen magazines. Every day, we’d send each other emails about
things we’d write about if we still worked for ELLEgirl—a fantastic
new band, a fun beauty buy, something quirky and cool we just wanted
to share. We realized we wanted to start a site full of content like
that, and so I Heart Daily was born. It’s just one new thing each      

day—an idea or a product or a profile of someone we’re into—and the newsletter comes straight to your inbox (or onto your facebook profile if you become a fan here.

Through both my author blog and I Heart Daily, I’ve been able to connect with tons of amazing people. And that’s my favorite thing about being online!


So, to win a signed copy of Violet in Private, the last book in the
Violet trilogy, comment below and tell me why you blog. Or, if you
don’t blog, tell me what you love about reading blogs. I’m nosy!

Happy Anniversary, Harmony!


44 Responses to "Melissa Walker on I Heart Daily!"

ooh many reason, checking on friends and how they are doing. and then reading very fun blogs that make you laugh aloud, yours and maureen johnson’s and meg cabot’s are really nice. and also i like to see what my fav authors are doing and writing and so again you guys and a whole lot of others. and then ofcourse the book review blogs, to see what is out there and what people are saying about them. that’s about it, ooh and i also read a cooking blog to find out about new places to eat in my town! very useful and good this blogging, hurrah to your editor!

One of the many reasons is to improve my writing. In English class, we barely write and that annoys me. (I wish the teacher would just assign us some short story project! Sadly this semester is almost over…) Also, it keeps track of what I’ve read. I remember many times in the past I would forget if I read a certain novel or manga. Then I would borrow it again and realize that I have. Plus, knowing some people in different parts of the world looking at my blog boosts my ego. Lol! (And yes, the review copies coming in are just lovely)

My blog just sort of happened one day I was reading other people’s blog. I was like this looks fun! So then I ended up createing a blog!

I love to read other people’s blogs since I love knowing what other people think of books or just random things about books/authors. I really don’t have many friends who love reading as much as I do!(:

I just like doing it. It’ll be good practice for later in my life when I’m an author or a reviewer or a homeless person stealing books from the library. And the coolest people in the world have YA book related blogs so I get to meet more people like me!

I blog because I want others to know that there are good books out there.

I read because I want to learn and it’s fun! Simple as that.

I blog to keep my own personal library. I found that at 22 years old I had read so many books and I would pick up a book unable to know if I had read it before or not. So my new year’s resolution is to keep a blog of books I am reading, like my own personal library. And I read other people’s blogs to discover new books, bands, websites and anything interesting. There is simply so much out there and I thank other bloggers for pointing me in the direction of amazing things.

A writer- writes. I write everyday, and on several subjects. My most posted on BLOG combines my love of writing with my love for football.

So when the guys at work, or around me don’t want to hear my opinion—-I just BLOG it 😀

As for reading blogs, I subscribe to MANY blogs that span on everything from publishing to international news. I like keeping myself informed on everything possibe.

I blog because I’ve always wanted to keep a journal or diary, but I’ve realized that having that online is just much more convenient.

I blog because it is fun. I need to have a hobby that doesn’t include sitting around and watching tv. Having a review blog keeps me reading and I get to meet fun new people.

I started blogging as a way to discuss and inform parents and other teachers about what was happening in my classroom, but then I got a job that kept me with kids, but out of the classroom. As I read more blogs, I realized that I could do what they do; book reviews. As a reading teacher, I love to read and am always recommending books to my kids, so it was a perfect fit. I have to say, I am hooked!

I have been trying to win this book for awhile as I subscribe to Melissa’s blog and love what she has to say. I am going to have to subscribe to Iheartdaily after reading this.

The one thing that i blog for is Spanish class, when we have to read Spanish articles from Hola! magazine and write a summary on the article. We sometimes are assigned to watch music videos and clips of things to summarize in spanish on our blogs.

Also i read blogs just to see what new books are out, and reviews of books and authors.

I love to read what new books are coming out and how they liked or disliked about the books they review.

Please enter:)

I really enjoy your blog, and I heart daily is great! 🙂

I’ve posted this on Win A Book. No need to enter the contest.

I just started a blog and am having a blast. I love to read and always have and would love to get into doing book reviews.

I heart daily is great, I’m still having a crush on the popping calendar.

I blog because I can’t find any other good ways to express myself clearly. And I want to improve my English writing skills too. Whenever I write in English, nothing seems to make sense. Also, blogging helps me find out lots of people that love to read like me and I’m extremely happy because of that : )

I just created my first blog, but its still empty. I read blogs because I like to see what other people are reading and what they think about books and items to get other opinions. I have found so many good items and authors this way.

I blog because it’s a great outlet. Blogging lets me connect with people, it lets me rant, and it lets me do something creative. It’s social and it’s a hobby.

I love reading book blogs to find out what’s coming out soon and because I like to have an indication of whether or not I’ll enjoy a book before I buy it 🙂

I love Melissa’s blog! I’m so addicted to it. And then when she told us about iheartdaily, it was feeding to my addiction! LoL

I like to vlog and blog because it’s a fun way to express myself. Plus I do love YA books so blogging and vloging about them encourages me to keep reading. It’s nice to feel like your opinions matter enough to take up space on the online world. Even if you don’t have many readers/viewers, it’s exciting when someone comments on what you’ve said.

I don’t blog but I love author blogs like yours! My other favs are Jane Porter’s blog, Jen Lancaster’s blog and Meg Cabot’s blogs so keep those posts coming!

I don’t have my own blog but I visit different blogs daily. Enjoy reading and being introduced to new authors and books!

Blogs are a great way to connect with like-minded book fiends — they aren’t necessarily that easy to find out in the “real world.”
I’d love to win a copy of VIOLET IN PRIVATE. Thanks for the chance!
geebee.reads AT gmail DOT com

I don’t blog, but I love reading them. It’s really interesting to read other people’s thoughts and ideas. Plus, there are so many blogs that I can find ones that interest me.

I love to read blogs, especially author blogs, because my favorite bloggers are people who are smart, funny, and extremely knowledgeable about the fields they are in. Also, reading author blogs is one of the best ways to find out about great new books!

I blog to share my thoughts about a book with others.

I enjoy reading what others think of the books they read…I typically only read book blogs. By doing this I have discovered many great authors that I’m not sure I would of ran across otherwise! I do blog as well, yet those posts are generally just “Darby Musing” and they range from green beans to promotions….my ramblings, someplace to keep my writing in one place.
Thanks for the giveaway!!
darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

I blog for many reasons. First, I want to be able to get my opinions and writing out into the world. It’s such a great feeling to think that other people are reading what you wrote. The community is great too! And the free books…

I have my book blog because I really like telling people about the awesome (and I guess not so awesome, to me) books that I read…and my personal one started because of friends that live far, far away and because of writign (and reading) 🙂


i love reading blogs to see what other’s opinions are especially style and beauty blogs because u always pick up great tips!

I try to blog but am never able to keep up with it! Instead, I love reading everybody else’s interesting posts about anything and everything 🙂

I am sad to say that I don’t blog, I just love to read them. I love finding out what people are reading and why and if it might possibly be a book I would like.


I started blogging about books because I loved reading other people’s blogs.

A few years ago, I was required to have a blog for a college course, so it was pretty easy for me to get back into blogging, and I am so glad I am blogging about something I love!

I enjoyed reading others’ blogs and finding some wonderful books from blogger reviews that I wanted to share my feelings about books.

I don’t blog, but I love reading blogs because I get to learn about new places, books and new products, that I would probably never hear about otherwise since I live in a small area.

I blog because it’s therepeutic and also because I’m nosy. I like to see what is going on in people’s lives. LOL


I don’t blog…just don’t have the time///but I love reading all the great reviews from all of y’all!!!

I blog to keep up with all the books I’ve read, and to share my opinions with others.

I love reading blogs! I read them daily and they make me happy! I guess I just love other peoples’ opinions!
I don’t need to be entered since I’ve already won this book (twice!). I did love it, but I guess one copy is enough!

I started a blog because I like to have a record of what I have read and what I think about the book….I also have a journal with the same information.

I like reading book blogs to see what everyone else is reading – but I have to say that my wishlist has tripled in size!

I blog because it’s the only place I feel comfortable giving my opinion on a book I love. A place where I know people love books as much as I do. I love when I start discussions with people about books, I get opinions and differents ways to look at things. Yeah, it’s alot of work but I love it.

~Lizzie ❤

I like to read blogs because I like to hear different opinions people have about books. This helps me decide on what books to buy.

I would love to get a chance to read this book!

Mostly I love reading blogs because they give me an extra connection to the books/tv shows/whatever that I already love.

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