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Contest Winners

Posted on: January 1, 2009

I had a bunch of contests going on in December so instead of adding them on to the AOM post, I’ll just announce them here. If you won, please contact me within 48 hours. I’ll try to contact you all myself but I don’t have everyone’s email.


The winner of the contest to guess how many book I could read is: pepsivanilla who guessed 12 which is the exact number of books I read. Good guessing!

The winner of a signed copy of Far From You  is The Book Obsession.

The winner of the December Surprise Pack  is Brooke C.

Congrats to all the winners and please don’t forget to email me!

2 Responses to "Contest Winners"

Congrats to all the winners and happy new year to you guys too ;D

I emailed! Happy New Year!

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    • Megan: Just read LAST CHRISTMAS. I would SOOO reccomend it to people who havent even read the private series. It is soo good.The suspense was kiling me all t
    • Lola: Oh my gosh! i just finished it....i googled the song for i had never herd it before......may have been a mistake because it is in my head for taciturn
    • mais: heeeyyyy.... can anyonePLEASE give me the link or even send me the copy of the eighth book(revelation on my email because i cant find it anywhere for


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