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September Author of the Month

Posted on: September 10, 2008

Well….This is kinda late. But I figured if I was going to post it late, I might as well post it on the Eve of my birthday. (Actually, I didn’t think that. It just sounded good. Sorta.)

Anyway, I’ve yet to pick winners for any of the contests last month but they’ll be coming in a few days. I did want to announce that September’s fabulous author of the month is…..


Terri wrote Sleepless, which is pretty much a work of pure genius, and will be featured all throughout the month. We will be hosting another contests, an interview, and of course, my review of Sleepless. Stay tuned!


6 Responses to "September Author of the Month"

woo hoo! heard a LOT about terri clark, great things too hehe : )

OMG, is it your birthday today?! I just had a quick squizz at City of Books and it said it was. =) If so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I hope you get lots of presents and have TONS of fun! =D

Happy birthday, Harmony! Hope it’s a great one!


Happy birthday! My hubby’s birthday is 9/10. 🙂 I’m looking forward to being your AOM. Thanks for the invite!

Happy Birthday! Mine was September 10th!

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