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All About Vee by C. Leigh Purtill

Posted on: August 28, 2008

All About Vee

Veronica May, better known as Vee, has always been a daddy’s girl. Now Daddy is remarrying and Veronica feels replaced so she sets off to Hollywood, to follow her dreams of being an actress and to follow in her deceased mother’s footsteps.

Vee moves in with her old best friend, who had graduated early to pursue her own acting dream, and with her advice, Vee begins taking yoga, acting classes, and starts working at the local coffee shop.

Of course, not everything goes as planned. With an unexpected romance, a backstabbing best friend, and all the drama that comes with being in Hollywood, Vee begins to wonder whether or not she’ll ever make it in the acting world, especially when they’re not exactly open to plus-sized actors.

All About Vee was, to use a single word, unexpected. I didn’t realize there’d be so much depth in the novel, despite it’s length. I figured it’d be something between Gossip Girl and Secrets of my Hollywood Life but it was something so much better than that.

The characters were well-developed and relatable and the prose was well-written. You could really feel yourself being transported into the story and it was so easy to relate to Vee, as well as the other characters. The plot itself was original and not your average take on an up-and-coming actress. There was nothing about being rich or having the right look or anything you usually find in those novels. The romance was also very realistic and though it was a bit predictable, I really did enjoy it.

I would definitely recommend All About Vee to everyone, especially if you have an interest in acting, Hollywood, or just want to read something fun.


6 Responses to "All About Vee by C. Leigh Purtill"

Thank you, Harmony! What a wonderful review – I’m so thrilled you liked Vee!


I’d like to read this book! I like it when there are books that don’t promote the whole following the crowd you-have-to-look-perfect thing. After all, it’s the beauty inside that counts.

oh i have heard about this book it sounds really good and is already on my tbr list, well at least you liked it that has got to count for something haha : ) i have to really start working some more on my tbr list i have already but not as much b/c i school just started and i have all this to do stuff just piling up : )

Great review. you really made me want to check out the book more. I don’t when i will, but it does sound like a great story and i’m glad it was a book with depth. that’s always nice.


This book looks so amazingly good… I really want to read it. And your review has made me want it all the more 🙂 Awesome job!

Hi Harmony,
this book looks amazing. I’m going to read it very soon.

🙂 Thanks for the review.


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