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AOM Guest Blog: Melissa Walker on American Teen

Posted on: August 27, 2008

There’s lots of controversy over American Teen, which opened last Friday. I saw it with a friend who really didn’t like it, mostly because he felt it was staged and manipulative, ideas which are widely being discussed, like in this LA Times story.

The thing is, I did like it! I guess I watched it partly as if I were watching fiction. The line is so blurred now (ahem, The Hills) that I’m not sure I ever buy into really watching “reality.” I met the cast after the showing, and they were awesome people.

They’re spinning it as a real “Breakfast Club,” which didn’t really hold water for me, though the people in it were labeled in a similar way to the classic brain, athlete, basket case, princess or criminal. I loved Jake, as I’ve blogged about, because despite his social awkwardness, he seemed so utterly true to himself and so determined to find his way in a world that consistently ignored or insulted him. And I also had a really strong affinity for Hannah, pictured above, who now lives in Brooklyn (Hannah, email me. Seriously.) She’s the classic Young Adult book heroine–a beautiful, artsy girl trying to escape a small-town existence, with stupid boyfriends who don’t appreciate her and provincial parents who can’t imagine her leaving.

I would love to hear what everybody thinks: Do you plan to see it? If you saw it, what did you think?

PS-Leave a comment here to win the “Team Jake” button. And yes, that is totally the button that he gave me from his very own hoodie when I asked him where I could get one. Chivalry is not dead, people!

PPS-Yes, Mitch really is that hot. It’s kind of breathtaking.



11 Responses to "AOM Guest Blog: Melissa Walker on American Teen"

I do plan to see it, especially after your intriguing review!

Chivalry is not dead?

Man, tell that to the boy who literally let the door slam in my face after leaving the building after my math class… that was just rude.

hmmm…. maybe I’ll check it out.


i haven’t seen it but i definitely plan on watching it, i’ll watch it for sure as soon as i get home, i can’t watch it on my ipod touch so : ( thanks for posting about it though i had no idea : )

I do want to see it. I don’t know when, but it sounds good, and interesting. 🙂


I haven’t seen it, but it sounds interesting. Well… the whole thing does seem a bit strange. I wouldn’t ever want people documenting my life at school for the whole world to watch in theaters… or have myself labelled for all to see as a nerd/brain/whatever.

Oooh, I so badly want to see this movie. Really, really badly. And I would LOVE to win the Team Jake button! 🙂

Omg, I soo want to watch that! It seems like my kind of movie lol. 🙂

I often doubt “reality” shows/movies myself, but there’s still some underlying truth going on. And yay for chivalry!

I REALLY want to see this movie.

I never heard of the movie until now, I guess I’ll have to check it out!! Sounds interesting.

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