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Contest Alert! Monthly Surprise Packs!

Posted on: August 1, 2008

Well, you’ve probably heard me mention them a billion times but the Monthly Surprise Packs are finally here!

The Monthly Surprise pack contest will happen at the beginning of the month and run until the very end.

To enter, all you have to do is comment on any posts I make between now and August 31st. Each comment is worth one entry so if you comment ten times, you’ll get 10 entries. However, comments on things posted before this will NOT be counted and comments on other contest posts will not be counted. Also, please try to put some thought into the comments. Don’t just say “Good review!” or something superficial like that.

What do you win? A goodie box/bag that will include atleast one book (probably more), various bookmarks and other promotional items from authors, plus any cool looking things I find, like pens, journals, or anything else. You never know what you’ll find when you open the package!

This starts now and ends August 31st. A winner will be chosen soon after. Leave any questions you have in the comments.


20 Responses to "Contest Alert! Monthly Surprise Packs!"

wow!! that’s really awesome and generous of you i hope i win because it would be so great to get all of that stuff plus books i LOVE books and i LOVE reading, thanks for doing this : )

What an awesome contest idea! 🙂 I hope I win one eventually. I agree with Yessenia — very generous of you.

Aw yay! This is super awesome. I like things like this, and I think it’s always cool when the people in charge set them up…it really is very sweet and generous of them.

Woohoo! Cool contest!! 🙂 I like…

this is such a cool idea! thanks for doing this!!!

This is one of the coolest contests I’ve come along! Enter me to win!

What a great contest idea! Everyone loves surprises! You have such a great site, I will be checking back often!! Thanks!

Thanks for the opportunity, what a great prize!

o i so love love goodies and that
i really would love to win those

is there a way to sign up for the blog daily things?
to get in email?

Great contest Harmony! I’ll for sure be entering as many times as I can. I just love contests. Don’t you? I need to have one of my own sometime.


Do you mean only one comment under one post counts as one entry or could I comment 10 times under one post which will mean I receive 10 extra entries? How does that work?

Btw, of course that’s an awesome idea guys! HBR is ridiculously awesome like that! lol. I’m excited for all the upcoming book giveaways. I love books! It’s also fun to win them too! hehe.

Wow, this is a good idea. I love prize packs like this.

Props to you for organizing a cool contest like this one, Harmony. 🙂

wow! this sounds like an exciting contest! I’d love to enter 🙂 Thanks for hosting such a cool contest!!

Wow, I would love to be entered. You are far too kind!

Wow! Awesome contest! Definitley enter me.

Is it too late to enter, if not I would like to!


I want to enter!

Cool idea!!

Enter Me, Please.

I would like to be entered! Most of your ideas for contests are pretty amazing. You have some good ideas and AMAZING prizes!

Keep up the good work (:

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