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August Author of the Month

Posted on: August 1, 2008

July seemed to fly by and now August is here. Less than a month before school for most people. That’s really sad. But, despite that, I’m excited because August means I get to have Melissa Walker as AOM! I love the Violet series and Melissa is just fantastic. I loved preparing the features we have coming this month!

So in the coming weeks, be prepared for reviews, contests, and interviews, all related to the Violet series!

Oh, and I’ll also be posting the winners of The Elite and Undone contests soon!



10 Responses to "August Author of the Month"

that’s soooo cool!!!!! i’ve heard a LOT about that series from friends, i’ll be sure to let them know about this site, but i myself haven’t gotten around too reading her books but they are in my tbr list 🙂

Melissa Walker is going to be one busy bee this month! I’ve got an interview coming up with her too, on my blog and you almost can’t read a book blog right now without seeing Violet books promoted! 🙂 It is an amazing series!

I am reading all three books in the Violet series right now and I’m in the middle of book 2. Love them!!

I have yet to read any of the books, but I want too sooooo bad. Yay for Melissa being AOM. She is being promoted everywhere these days. Super awesome though!

Can’t wait to read the Violet series! I love Melissa Walker’s blog too!

Yay, VIP is out Today!!!! (or, whoops it just turned midnight, so I should say it was out yesterday, lol!) It’s so cool that she’s your AOM, coz she is really nice! I love watching her vlogs! =D

~Lucy D =)

Yay for Melissa being your Author of the Month. I love her, she’s great. Plus the Violet series is awesome. It makes me smile. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this month Harmony. =)


Omg i cannot wait to read these books. As soon as I get through summer reading.

I love Melissa Walker & her Violet series!! =D
I just finished Violet in Private recently–I really hope she writes more books on Violet!!
Melissa’s such a sweet person and her blog is fantastic! I like the cover stories she’s been doing lately 🙂

I haven’t seen her books in any library around where I live, but I would like to read them. Maybe I should tell the librarians to buy them! Anyway, the Violet series appears to be more than your standard annoying chick-lit.

*Entry for prize pack.*

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