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Why Some Authors Get More Publicity

Posted on: June 30, 2008

I’ve recently read some posts by certain people whining because their books don’t get as much publicity with reviewers as others do and there’s been other authors asking what the best way to get noticed by the reviewers is. I’m going to attempt to answer.

The reason that some authors get more publicity with reviewers is because they make themselves AVAILABLE. They ADVERTISE. They have websites, blogs, myspaces, and they CONTACT the reviewers.  If you want us to review your book, we have to know about it and we have to be able to contact you.  But if you really want a lot of publicity, you should contact US. I know of quite a few reviewers who find it rude to contact the authors to ask for review copies and wait for the authors to contact them.

Besides just handing out any review copies you might have, you need to make your self available. Most reviewers are happy to do interviews, guest blogs, or giveaways. Many of them even have other features (like my Author of the Month). Get yourself out there. I love, love, love hearing more about the authors and their writing process and the idea behind their book.  The more I know about an author and their book, the more real the author becomes, the more likely I am to pick up the book.  So get yourself out their – set up a blog, a myspace, a website, and contact the reviewers!

As for the best way to get noticed by reviewers…. all of the above stays the same. Just don’t expect us to come to you, come to us. Also, if reviewers do contact you and you don’t have any copies left, don’t be all nasty about it. We’re really only trying to help advertise your books. We promise.

That’s all I have to say. Maybe you’ll find something useful from that very long post. Who knows.



4 Responses to "Why Some Authors Get More Publicity"

Okay. I’m here. I have a YA book that came out two days ago. It’s called THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE (YEP, THAT WOULD BE ME). I can have the lovely Simon Pulse publicist send you a copy to review (if she hasn’t already). I can do an interview, a guest blog, a full-body massage… just let me know.

Doesn’t it feel good to get that off your chest? 🙂

I agree with you about interviews and guest blogs and personal websites/blogs. It’s the personal connection that makes me buy a lot of books.

I never saw this post!! Gosh, it would have been very helpful to me to know this when my books were coming out…next time, for sure, I’m doing more of this stuff. Thanks~

Its funny–half the authors I know are complaining about getting too many requests for interview, guest blogs etc–maybe folks have just gotten a lot more aggressive in the last year? As a rule I don’t contact authors–I just stalk their twitter accounts, their blogs, their websites, their communities, facebooks…XD I mean I have contacted authors in the past, though I try to keep it to debut authors because I feel they need the exposure more. I found though if I review a book or so of theirs and contact them about THAT first, they respond better to requests for books and such.

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