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Guest Reviewer Blog: Liv’s Book Reviews

Posted on: June 20, 2008

Liv, from Liv’s Book Reviews, has agreed to present us with a blog on summer reading. Read and enjoy! Any comments would be lovely.


It’s summer. Yes, the beloved season of rest and relaxation is finally here. And it’s about time. Maybe now I can finally get a tan and get caught up on my enormous “to-read” pile of books. But in order to get down to reading, I’m going to have to have a plan. You can’t just sit around reading book after book. That would get rather boring if you ask me, not to mention hot. Can you imagine sitting around on your bed for hours on end, just reading. I really can’t. No matter how much I love reading, there has to be a limit sometime and that is where the summer reading survival plan comes in. To be able to do all of that reading, you are going to have to pace yourself and have all of the necessary provisions.


#1: The perfect spot. Preferably not inside. Air conditioning can only do so much. Go out on your lawn, to a park, even outside at a café. Just get some vitamin D! And don’t forget the sunscreen. I myself have extremely fair skin and if I’m out in the sun for even five minutes, I’ll get all red and blister-y. No, that’s not an exaggeration. Working on your summer tan while reading is a great form of multi-tasking. That way when people see us book worms, they won’t be able to immediately label us by our sallow skin and squinty-eyed expression whenever we’re in the sun. Reading is good, but so is appreciating the season.


#2: Music. I don’t know about you, but I am a music fanatic. I love just about anything and maybe it’s some strange trait in me, but I also love listening to tunes on full blast when I read. Is that weird or do you guys do that too? It doesn’t work to just randomly scroll through your iPod whenever you want to listen, so you need to make up your summer play list. Include whatever makes you groove (haha, funny word) and feel good. For me personally, that would include some of the top 40 hits as well as some soft rock-ish stuff. It’s very important to set the mood.


#3: Yummies! While you’re sitting in your perfect spot with your summer playlist blaring, don’t you think you’d get hungry? We all have to eat at some point and it’s best to eat quality food than randomly snack on some crappy stuff. Lemonade or ice tea is a must. Summer can’t be summer without sugary drinks so, one of those two things needs to be put on your shopping list. Also, fruit is good. Pineapple and strawberries are my favorites and should be included for any big day of reading. For the last item, you’re going to need some kind of sandwich thing. Hamburger, hot dog, PB & J, whatever floats your boat. And now we’re almost set…


#4: The actual books! It wouldn’t do to read heavy and depressing stuff over the summer now would it? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of books that make you think, but personally, I’d rather read those during the school year than during the time that is meant for fun and happiness. So make a list of perfect beach reads for the summer. Light, fluffy, cute, and sappy books are the things you’re looking for. My faves are the Simon Romantic Comedy books. It doesn’t get much lighter or fluffier than that. 😀 Do you guys have any other suggestions of books to read over the summer?


So now you’re set for those days ahead filled with endless reading, music, and lemonade. I know that throughout the summer, I’ll be laying on my lawn in shorts and a tank top reading cheesy romance books. For me, that’s exactly the kind of summer that I’ve been looking forward to all year long. No cares, blue skies, peppy music, and of course many many fun-filled chick-lit books. Enjoy your summer!


5 Responses to "Guest Reviewer Blog: Liv’s Book Reviews"

What a great post! I loved those days of reading and relaxation! Even though I’ll be working all summer, I’ll have to bring some ice tea to work to enjoy some fun 😉

Definitely do that Alea. 😀
And thanks Harmony, for featuring me. It was fun to write the post!


Obviously you don’t live in Texas.

I go outside to swim, but otherwise I prefer the indoors. When I’m in my bikini the guys are too busy looking at my abs to notice the blinding whiteness of my skin. ^_~ (Yay sunscreen! Boo to having to remove precancerous spots before I turned seventeen!)

My quoted part (Air conditioning can only do so much.) got blipped for some reason . . . *sigh*

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