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Win A Signed Copy of Frenemies by Alexa Young

Posted on: May 17, 2008

You’ve probably seen numerous reviews of Frenemies and possibly even some contests to win a copy of it, but now it’s my turn to offer up a copy. 



To Win A Signed Copy of Frenemies, all you have to do is:

1.)Leave a comment telling us about your best friend. Tell us who they are (you can use a nickname if you want), when and how you met, why you call them your best friend, and what you do to keep your friendship strong.

2.) Include in your comment a way to contact you in case you win, preferably an email address.

3.) On May 31st, I will use a random number generator to pick a winner. I will contact you via email, as well as by posting it on my blog. You will have 72 hours to contact me with your address. If you don’t, I will choose another winner. So be watching!

Good Luck!


9 Responses to "Win A Signed Copy of Frenemies by Alexa Young"

First of all, thanks for having such an awesome contest!
So I would say my best friend is Leah. We met when we were super young and grew up playing with play-doh and barbies together. We just know each other so well, that it’s hard to imagine us not being friends! We can talk on the phone for hours and have had many interesting escapades that might have possibly involved fire, fake letters, and eating nasty things. It’s just kind of a picture perfect relationship that I couldn’t live without. I truly hope that we can grow to be old ladies together, sharing pictures of our cats and our grandkids. 😀

Okay, my two best friends are tied. I shall tell you about both.

1. Ashlee. I love love love her. We met in sewing class my freshmen year (her junior) and we were partnered up and I said something gross about Steve Erwin and our friendship blossomed from there. To keep our friendship strong, we make too many perverted jokes (she’s rubbed off on me) and we go to each other for advice. Also, I feel like sharing that she made this video of us: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDT45qcsvF0 which was quite awesome.

2. Justinne. I also love love love her. We met in second grade. I was new to the school, and we rode the same bus and were in the same class, and I smiled at her. And then my mom asked me if there was anyone I wanted to invite to my b-day party that weekend, and I said, “there’s this one girl, ‘Justine'” so on the second day of school I gave her the invite and she said “yes, I’ll go to your party, except you spelled my name wrong!! there are two n’s!” and then she laughed her funny laugh and we were friends ever since (with a bunch of petty fights inbetween, but overall we’ve been friends…) To keep our friendship strong, we also make perverted jokes (there seems to be a theme here…) and we spend basically all of our time together. She’s said many times that she’s more of a boyfriend to me than my real boyfriend is… and the sad thing is that it’s kind of true =P

Anyways, those are my best friends… I have a couple more, but I won’t bore you with the details.

To contact me: bookluverreviews@hotmail.com

Te amo,

Okay, what a great contest!

My best friend is Mandy. We’ve been friends for about 10 years. We both liked the same band, (yes, it was a boyband and I have to say it was HANSON. lol) so we started talking about them and have been together ever since. We’ve also been through alot together. But, we share all of out secrets and are honest with each other. We also still hang out and go to concerts together, even thought it’s not Hanson ones. lol. And even though she’s moved about a hour away, we still make time to see each other and call to up date about our days. I think that’s why we’re so close. I wouldn’t trade her for anything! 🙂

My best friend is Emily. We met in Art class in 8th grade and have been friends ever since. She’s my best friend because we have so much in common. We always hang out and play Rock Band with our other friends and share books and stuff. She’s really awesome.

you can contact me at: cougarssoccer455@yahoo.com

I can’t pick just one. I have two. So here goes:

1. Ashley. She is the greatest friend I could ever ask for. She always listens to me and we complain all the time to each other lol. Our families are basically alike so we always help each other solve family problems. We have a lot of things in common, but the things we don’t we always support each other in. She always comes to my choir concerts and piano recitals, and I always come to her cheerleading compitions and games, and we’re always sharing books.

2. Ashley. (Yes, my other best friend’s name is also Ashley. They are two of three in our grade.) We just became good friends recently, but I love her. [: She is never afraid to speak her mind, which I envy her for, and she’s an EXCELLENT softball player. She’s a freshmen on the varsity team (which most varsity hate her for since she’s the starter pitcher) but she doesn’t care.

You can contact me at: hopesblog@hotmail.com.

Thanks for offering the awesome contest, Harmony. [:


I have a few best friends, but I will tell you about Sommer. We met in 8th grade at a church camp and that first night we sang “For every kiss you give me, I’ll give you 3” and then just kept adding 3s (33, 333, 3333, 33333, you get the picture). It was silly but we loved being silly together – still do! Of course we’ve also been through serious things together (her miscarriage, my mother’s death) but with her, I am always somehow cheered up and comforted. Even though we now live far apart, I make sure we visit at least once a year. This summer I get to spend 10 whole days with her – looking forward!

Contact me at: Lenoreva AT hotmail DOT com

My best friend is Cameron. We go to different unis now, but we still stay in touch. We read the same books and argue about them afterwards. He’s a great pal – great to go to movies with, great to drive with, great to hang out with. He’s also got a great family that likes me (and doesn’t care that I’m a girl and he’s a guy). Plus, his sense of humor is fabulous.

My best friend would be Christy W. We have been friends for 14 years. We met at daycare and we bonded insantly. A year later I moved, and ended up moving 2 houses down from her. We were close ever since. I moved to PA (she lives in TN) but we still remain close. We talk on the phone weekly, and thanks to myspace, we share pictures and stories daily. She is always there for me no matter how bad I mess up.


Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Unfavorably.

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