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Interview: Cherry Cheva

Posted on: April 10, 2008

Cherry Cheva wrote She’s So Money, which I recently reviewed and I’m happy to be able to post this interview for you. Enjoy!

You’ve been a successful in other types of writing but She’s So Money is your first YA novel. What’s it like being a published YA author?

Awesome! It’s totally sweet to be able to go to a bookstore and actually find your own book on the shelf and pick it up. The book world is so different from the TV world, it’s just been this awesome new ride the whole way.

What was your inspiration to write She’s So Money?

Um, that time I racked up a huge fine at my parents’ restaurant and had to start a cheating ring at my school with some hot dude? 🙂 Yeah right, my high school experience would’ve been way more interesting if that were true…but I guess my memories of high school did provide the sort of background/starting-off point for the story.

Maya’s parents are very protective and worried about her grades. Were your parents anything like hers?

Oh, lord yes. They were worse! Way stricter, like, I wasn’t even allowed to go to the mall after school, much less date, so I spent my entire high school career lying and sneaking around to do stuff (they totally chilled out once I left for college though). Oh, but a big difference is, my parents would never have made me work in the restaurant if ours had been open back then; they would’ve just wanted me to be studying the whole time.

At first, Camden seems to be one of those hot, popular boys that everyone is always talking about but by the end of the book, we see a different side of him. What are your experiences with boys like Camden?

Hmmm. None, I guess, at least not in the same way. The popular guys at my high school, some of them I never talked to or interacted with because we just never crossed paths, and the ones I did talk to because they were in my classes or whatever, they were all super nice, so, you know, no Camden-ish conflicts there. Rats, I wish there were a better story here. 🙂

What character are you most like?

Overall, Maya, but she’s way gutsier than me, and more driven. If the same thing had happened to me, I would’ve just sucked it up and told my parents.

If She’s So Money were to become a movie (and you had some control), who would you want to play Maya Camden, and the rest of the characters?

Oooh. Interesting question. The Hollywood part of my head is of course going, “Who would be a box office draw? Who can open a movie?” Maybe Chace Crawford for Camden? Maya, I’m not sure that I can think of a “name” actress who’s the right age off the top of my head…yeah, this is why I’m not a casting director…you know who I think would be a really funny Jonny though, even though it probably seems a little counterintuitive given the description in the book, is that kid who played Moose in Step Up 2 The Streets. Adam Sevani.

What’s your writing process like? Do you outline or just wing it?

Outline! It always helps me to have some sort of structure where I at least know where I’m supposed to be going, even if I end up going somewhere totally different. Also with an outline I can write it out of order. Like, “ehhh, this chapter is boring me right now but this chapter over here seems fun, lemme take a whack at that one first.”

What are you working on now? What can fans expect from you in the future?

I’m in the very beginning stages of my next book, and I’m still working at Family Guy. I’ve got two episodes coming up that I wrote last year but haven’t aired yet. So watch for those!

What’s one thing that most fans don’t know about you?

I really like the word “gossamer” for some reason.

Now ask yourself a question and answer it!

What are some of your favorite lip glosses? Juicy Tubes Hallucination and Stila Melon Mint!

Thanks so much!
Thank YOU! 🙂


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Great interview =D I sooo want to read this book… it’s on my list.


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