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Six Things

Posted on: March 18, 2008

I’ve been tagged by Jocelyn

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My six unimportant facts:

 1. I’m addicted to Harry Potter. I was bitten by the “Potter Bug” when the fifth book was released but I was still young. Then, this summer I was bitten again and it was crazy. I went to get the book at midnight and pulled off a 30+ hour day because my mom made me help her the next day.

2. My two best friends and I are called “The Trio” because we’re ALWAYS together and most teachers and our parents know we love Harry Potter.

 3. I think boys are absolutely stupid. I still love them, of course but they just are. But I also think they’re terrified of girls (or atleast when they’re my age) and I’ve had a few certain older boys tell me so.

 4. I love Disney Channel. I know it’s “uncool” and all that but come on, High School Musical rocks. And they’ve got that Camp Rock movie or whatever coming out this summer… Plus, Hannah Montanna and The Suite Life and stuff are my guilty pleasures. I  love most of the “Disney Singers” too.

5. One Tree Hill is the ONLY show I watch regularly. Actually, I have to skip some weeks because my dad has this thing about me not watching T.V. after 9:30 but when he’s not home/sleeping mom let’s me stay up. Lucas and Peyton SO have to get back together. They HAVE to!

6. I love talking and I NEVER shut up. I will argue and debate until my face turns red. I love talking about boys (there’s this senior at my school that has a fan club and omg! he’s SO freaking nice!) and I will go on for hours about my favorite things (horses, Harry Potter, books, writing, MUSIC, etc).

I have no clue who to tag because it seems like everyone else has done it. So if you haven’t feel free to say I tagged you or something. Actually, I’m gonna list a 7th thing instead 😛

 7. I’m a music freak. I play French horn and percussion but I listen to music CONSTANTLY. I will reports on bands and defend them and everything. I love Top 40 but I love, love, love more unknown-ish stuff. My newest obsessions are We the Kings, The Spill Canvas, and Vampire Weekend. I love Carrie Underwood and Linkin Park and RJA and Papa Roach and loads more too. It’s my 2nd fave thing ever after books!


9 Responses to "Six Things"

I’ve never seen One Tree Hill, but I know someone on the show. She doesn’t know me, but her sister does.

Awesome. Felicity, who do you know on the show? I watch One Tree Hill as well. Of course, I love television a bit too much. Hate High School Musical, though.

I’ve been addicted to HP since the first three books (which came out pretty much all in a row when I was seven or so)!

That’s awesome! She’s amazing. I love her voice.

Jocelyn, what did you think of Tuesday’s eppy? The wedding…oh my.

I love Kate Voegele! She’s a really talented singer.

I don’t know what I thought. Interesting, for sure. But…he said “I do”! So I dunno what’s going to happen.

So are you for Lucas/Lindsay or Lucas/Peyton? And omg. Nannie Carrie and Dan…omg.

Definitely Lucas/Peyton. You?

Lucas/Peyton all the way! And Nathan/Haley but I can’t believe Carrie. I could discuss this forever but I don’t wanna ruin it for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Email me if you wanna keeping “discussing it.” (I’m rather chatty and I know some people aren’t so I don’t like to keep going on when they don’t care.)

Disney Channel is my guilty pleasure all the way! -high five- Also an HP geek!

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