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Private: Invitation Only by Kate Brian

Posted on: February 2, 2008

Private #2: Invitation Only Cover Reed Brennan is now a Billings Girl. She goes to parties and is looked up to and envied by most students on campus. Yet things still aren’t perfect. One of the other Billings Girls takes pictures of her at a party with a boy that could easily get her expelled. Then they use it to black mail. To make it all worse, her boyfriend, Thomas, is still missing. No one knows where he is but they do know where he’ll be at on Halloween – The Legacy. It’s an exclusive party that only the most important legacies are able to attend. Unless you can go as someone’s plus-one. Which is what Reed plans to do. Of course, not everyone can take a plus-one and the one person willing to take Reed is the one person she doesn’t want to go with. But if Thomas will be there, Reed’s willing to do anything possible to be there.

Invitation Only, the second book in the Private series by Kate Brian, is an amazing read. I didn’t want to put it down once I started. It was full of drama, some action, and gave you an inside look at the life of private schools. The characters were easy to relate to and they make you wonder what’s going to happen next, especially the Billings Girls. The ending was surprising but good. I think the first chapter of the next book should have been the last chapter though. I really enjoyed this and can’t wait to get my hands on the third book. I’d recommend this to anyone who enjoys drama, romance, and the crazy life of rich private school students.


7 Responses to "Private: Invitation Only by Kate Brian"

It’s interesting to me that you (and so many other people!) like this series; I could barely get through the first one, and I have had absolutely no desire to read the rest of the series. I guess not every book is for every person!

I’m glad you’re participating in the 2k8 challenge. I’ll put you on the participants page, and remember to leave a comment with a link if you post about the challenge, or any reviews that count for the challenge.

It amazes me that someone would right a book that promotes premarital sex, sucumbing to peer pressure, underage drinking and all kinds of other immoral acts. Do we really need to have teenage girls reading this when they are already bombarded by the media promoting this kind of stuff? Is there really anthing decent that a teemage girl comes away with after reading these books? Just another example of someone (Kate) earning money by writing this garbage. How many girls will read this, have sex thnking it is all great and wonderful and then become pregnant or contract a sexual disease or be totally heartbroken?

To Zoe:

How exactly does the book “promote” the negative aspects within? This is fiction, it’s meant to entertain. If you have a problem with authors doing their jobs, then that’s really too bad. Entertainment products such as these come with labels and ratings recommending them for a certain age group only — people who should be mature enough to handle the content responsibly. Beyond that, it’s the responsibility of the parents to avoid letting such products influence those girls you speak of in the real world.

i think these books are great i can understand where your coming from about promoting negative things but i think these books are for entertainment only and if you feel it has a negative effect then simply don’t read them. i carn’t wait for legacy and ambition there going to be fab i recommend this series to al,l its got everything to keep you hooked.

To Jim,
I agree with Zoe. Jim, could you please tell me where to locate this elusive ‘label’ and ‘rating’ that is on the actual book? As a father that enjoys my 13 year old’s reading enthusiasm, I quite often purchase books for her, only to be frustrated by a ‘lack’ of these ratings. It’s like I have to scan through the whole book before I purchase it.
it’s thanks to responsible people like Zoe that I can get a gist of the content by trusting private unsolicited book reviews over the flippin internet.

Hey everyone. This is Albert Einstein. Get a freaking life. These books were good, but not as great as my E=mc2 equation I should say. And there shouldn’t be ratings on books. A book should be available for every reader no matter what the subject matter is. Every child has a different level of maturity. For example, I started reading Shakespeare on my own when I was ten. I read Dickens before the the teacher made us read “A Christmas Carol.” And these “Private” books are for entertainment only. Don’t take it so seriously. Get a life and get a sense of humor you prudes. I am Albert Einsten and I approve this message!!

The books are great, but I do agree with Zoe, but I also enjoy the books also.

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