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The Clique – Lisi Harrison

Posted on: January 27, 2008

Cover ImageThe Clique is a story about five girls: Massie, the ruler of The Clique and the rest of the social scene; Dylan, Massie’s second in command who is always kissing up to Massie or drinking Atkin’s diet shakes; Alicia who’s sneaky and beautiful but seems so “sweet” to adults that they never suspect her; and Kristen who will insult you to tears so easily and has a secret that not even Massie knows; Claire who’s the new girl in GAP overalls that clearly does not fit in with the Clique but happens to be living in Massie’s guesthouse while her parents hunt for a job.

This book describes Claire’s struggles to be friends with Massie, the evilness of Massie and her clique, and how easily the friends will turn on each other. I found this book to be well written but not the best in the world. The characters are stuck-up, snotty, and rich which is something I can’t relate to. However, Claire is someone I can relate to because she’s trying to fit in with the “in” crowd, even though she’s not rich or dressed in the hottest trends. I would suggest this to my friends but only if they wanted a light read. I do plan on reading the rest of the series, if only to find out what happens to Claire and whether or not Massie is overthrown.


4 Responses to "The Clique – Lisi Harrison"

I read this book and thought it was really good. Even though I can’t relate to the characters, I kind of can. Because there are girls like them at my school. I thought the writing was very good and I LOVED all the drama. It was so much fun to read; what pranks they would do next, the conversations they’d have on IM, basically every encounter. I thought it was really fun to read.

I have the whole clique series sitting in my bookshelf. I love the series, but its a series that you can only read every once in awhile. The movie was really great too, but I recommend that you read the books before you see the movie. The books give so much more away!

THE CLIQUE, This book is a great book. It is about a group of girls that are known as The Pretty Committie. these girls are all about shopping and ruling the school. The alpha of the clique is Massie Block. Another girl in the clique is Alicia who has most of the gossip. Dylan is always kissing up to Massie. The last member of the clique is Kristen. She more into sports than the other girls. The members of the pretty committie are really close friend, almost like sisters. But all of this changed when Claire Lyons moved into Massie’s guest house. the clique was always playing tricks on claire but when claire decided to do something about it she gets herself in more than she imagined. But when massie found out that claire had gotten on her IM’s and started IM-ing kristen ,dylan ,and alicia she changed claires plans to ruin their friendship between the pretty committie. But in the end the girls are friends and everything works out like most good books do.

the clique
the clique is a great book in my opinion. the main characters are massie block alpha of thee clique then there is dlyan who is always sucking up to massie, alicia is the one with the most gossip, and then there is kristen she has a secret that no one knows about but does everything to keep it that way and she is always keeping up with her grades.
but when the new girl moves into massie’s guest house things get a little interesting. this is a great book for any girl to read.

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