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That Summer by Sarah Dessen

Posted on: January 27, 2008

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Fifteen year old Haven’s life is changing fast. She’s growing taller every day, her father is getting remarried and her sister, Ashley, is planning a wedding of her own to a guy whom Haven finds extremely boring and unlike any of her sister’s previous lovers. When Haven sees Ashley’s ex-boyfriend while at dinner with her father one night, she feels like some things are normal again. But was Sumner really the victim when Ashley broke up with him? Or was there something more to the story?
To be honest, I found this book to be my least favorite book by Sarah Dessen. However, it’s still an amazing book, especially since it’s her debut novel. In That Summer by Sarah Dessen, Haven is changing rapidly and learning a lot about herself and her family. When her sister’s ex-boyfriend, Sumner, comes back into town, she’s excited. He was the only boyfriend who paid any attention to Haven at all and he had brought excitement to the family when he and Ashley were together. I loved how this book portrays the way girls look up to boys in a non-romance way, only to be let down when they don’t understand the whole story. I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone who’s a fan of Sarah’s work or wants to enjoy a light but meaningful teen book.

6 Responses to "That Summer by Sarah Dessen"

I am a 14 year old girl that wanted to read this book because i have to do a project for my english class at school.

I thought it was an ablsolutaly great book and would recommend any teenage girl 14-18 years old to read it. When i got to the middle of the book, i totally understood what was going on and how she felt. Even though my parents are not divorced, i knew what Haven(main character) was talking about.

After reading this book, I woul really like to read the rest of Sarah Dessen’s series. I am really focasing on reading the rest of them now.

Great Book.
Scale from 1-10.
I would say its about a 15!!!

this book is the dumbest book i’ve ever read its sooo confusing i wouldnt recommended its not worth buying it seriously=/

This isn’t one of my favorite Dessen novels, but I agree, it was a very good read. I love the line about the first boy always being the hardest.

As a 17 year old girl I would recommend this book to younger girls. It is definitely a coming of age novel and truly perfect for girls that don’t think they fit in any where. Very cute book. But I still wish there was more with Haven and Sumner!!!!

I love the cover but I don’t really feel appealed to the synopsis.

LOVED IT! Like I said before about Lock & Key! Dessen has words of her own that she expresses. She has a way of writing that makes you want the next one to come out faster!

I give this book 9 out of 10 HANDS DOWN!

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